Sci-tech Android Market support will end soon on Android 2.1 and older
Author: 0 Android Market support will end soon on Android 2.1 and older

Downloading install packages from unknown sources is not advisable, not to mention Google now provides security patches for Android versions 4.4 (KitKat) and above. Once June 30 rolls around, these old devices won't be able to access Android Market, and Google says that there won't be any notification about the change sent to the devices themselves.

Sci-tech Mourinho accused of tax fraud
Author: 0 Mourinho accused of tax fraud

He was alleged to have defrauded the tax authority for a sum of 14.7 million Euros. In an earlier report , Marca said Ronaldo has told his team-mates he was leaving and "there is no turning back". I will defend him as a player and as a human being. Perez said that "as far as I know Cristiano has always met [his fiscal obligations]" and that "it all must be some sort of misunderstanding that will be cleared up quickly".

Author: 0 Overwatch Cuts Rate of Loot Box Duplicates and Adjusts Highlight Feature

It has become something of a rite of passage for newer Overwatch players to open dozens of loot boxes only to be given repeat legendary skins for characters they never use. Released in Overwatch's Patch 1.12 that went live on June 20, the two skins will just start popping up in lucky players' loot boxes. Players can now generate their own highlights! On PC, players will also have the option to select the quality at which these highlights are exported, supporting up to 4K at 60 FPS for ...

Sci-tech Nintendo is working to increase Switch production
Author: 0 Nintendo is working to increase Switch production

Increasing production isn't just limited to the next two months, as Nintendo plans to strengthen their production system to improve the availability of the Switch in the future. But thanks to Scibetta, we now have a knowledge that Nintendo is planning for them to release in 2018. It appears as if the insatiable demand for iPhones and Switches alike have pitted Cupertino's Apple against Kyoto's Nintendo.

Sci-tech Portugal sidesteps Ronaldo's legal woes at Confed Cup
Author: 0 Portugal sidesteps Ronaldo's legal woes at Confed Cup

The goal came just eight minutes into the match. El Tri was extremely impressive in their opening 2-2 draw with Portugal , looking like a team with something to prove - after some inconsistent performances at major tournaments down the decades.

Author: 0 China talks focusing on North Korean threat

The coroner's office reviewed medical records from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the air ambulance service that helped bring Warmbier from Pyongyang to Cincinnati after 17 months. And frankly, if he were brought home sooner, I think the result would have been a lot different. North Korea's government said it released Warmbier last week on "humanitarian grounds ".

Sci-tech Indomitable Lions seek Australia's scalp in Russian Federation
Author: 0 Indomitable Lions seek Australia's scalp in Russian Federation

Cameroon enjoyed an extra day's rest following their opening defeat to the South Americans, another reason fresh legs will be invaluable when they meet. And it's good to see the debate's not just the usual empty vessels, there's some new voices that have strong opinions, both for and against what I'm doing.

Sci-tech Pokémon GO Update Version 0.67.1 Now Available On Android
Author: 0 Pokémon GO Update Version 0.67.1 Now Available On Android

Added search functionality to Pokémon collection screen. The creatures will likely be stronger than the more easily obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon GO , so the mythical encounters will have to be limited carefully in the near future. High-level Pokemon will lose motivation the longer they are there, affecting their combat power. When that happens, up to 20 players will be able to take on the presiding Pokemon for the chance to capture it when the fight is done.

Sci-tech US total solar eclipse sparks spectator excitement
Author: 0 US total solar eclipse sparks spectator excitement

The postage stickers are printed with thermochromatic ink, letting snail mailers and stamp enthusiasts change the front image with the swipe of a finger. "In fact, if you leave your filters on, you won't see anything at all during totality". Fred Meyer , for example, will have eclipse glasses at all of its stores near and within the eclipse's path for $1.99 each.

Author: 0 Family: Freed student who died has 'completed his journey'

Warmbier, an OH native and student at the University of Virginia, was arrested in North Korea in January 2016 while visiting as a tourist. Washington has some 28,000 troops deployed in South Korea and a naval armada in the region. Otto Warmbier, 22, died at a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, a week after being released from North Korea in a coma. The U.S. Congress is also debating ways to tighten financial sanctions on the Kim regime to deny it resources to advance its weapons programs.

Sci-tech Jaguar Teases Its Smallest SUV E-Pace
Author: 0 Jaguar Teases Its Smallest SUV E-Pace

The baby SUV has a lot to live up to too, joining Jaguar's family of performance SUVs, after the F-Pace helped bump up Jaguar sales by 83 per cent past year. And while taller vehicles like these generally lean more when cornering and offer less driver engagement than a saloon, Jaguar's form with the F-Pace proves this need not always be the case.

Sci-tech Federation Internationale de Football Association warns Mexico over rude chants at Confederations Cup
Author: 0 Federation Internationale de Football Association warns Mexico over rude chants at Confederations Cup

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo has faced the media for the first time since reports in Spain have claimed that he wants to leave the country. Hernandez's diving header against Portugal leaves "Chicharito", Mexico's all-time top-scorer, just two short of the 50-goals tally. "We played against an opponent playing at home with a home crowd, a team which pressured us, but we were better.We had more opportunities and we were just winners".

Sci-tech Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Note 8 in August
Author: 0 Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Note 8 in August

What other features do you hope to see when the Galaxy Note 8 launches? perhaps an updated S Pen or dual front speakers? The tablet will be available for purchase at offline retail stores and company's India website from today for Rs 47,990.

Sci-tech Latest 'Transformers' is even bad for a 'Transformers' movie
Author: 0 Latest 'Transformers' is even bad for a 'Transformers' movie

But for such visual amazement to be a worthy exercise, you need a bit of substance to back it up and, as ever, it's where Transformers fails once again . As said in FilmJournal, the Last Knight is the first movie in the world to strap two such cameras into a 3D rig. "It's awesome and it's inspiring, you know, to just kind of drive down the street and see that people, you know, won't be told (how) to live their lives".

Author: 0 IKEA, Apple partner to make furniture shopping easier

But of course, the method which is implemented in iOS 11 is far more polished and takes a lot of cues from the AirPods and the Apple Watch style of scanning an on-screen code. However, the partnership with Apple and the usage of the ARKit will improve the app's quality and consistency. While IKEA already offers a basic version of this within its iOS app, Valdsgaard says the advent of ARKit means that it will be far more accurate than it is now.

Sci-tech The US Has A New Personal Best For Renewable Energy Use
Author: 0 The US Has A New Personal Best For Renewable Energy Use

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump promised to bring back coal mining jobs. "The U.S. coal industry will continue to decline, and it will continue to shed jobs", Sam Feaster, a data analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, wrote in a recent report .

Author: 0 Whoa: NASA's Kepler Mission Has Discovered 10 "Near-Earth Size" Planets

The good news is: Kepler will continue its search in new parts of the galaxy to further our search for possible life on other planets. During a press conference at NASA's Ames Research Center in California Monday , NASA scientists said one planet almost matches Earth exactly, with a nearly one-year orbit, yet is about one-third wider.

Sci-tech Ford to import Focus from China in 2019
Author: 0 Ford to import Focus from China in 2019

Ford said the MI plant that now produces the Focus will be retooled to make a pickup truck and SUV models, so no hourly jobs will be lost by moving production of the Focus to China. The company said the investment would preserve 1,000 jobs at the plant. But the White House response was muted. Not only did the POTUS convince Ford not to move production of the Focus to Mexico, but Fields' leave opened an opportunity for Ford in Asia's superpower.

Sci-tech Amazon strikes again; the dressing room in your house
Author: 0 Amazon strikes again; the dressing room in your house

Prime Wardrobe is still in beta, but anyone interested can sign up to be notified when the service launches for real. Shoppers have to order at least three items on the low end, but can order up to 15 pieces in a box. Analysts fear Amazon's move into a sector introduces a potential major competitor that will lead to lower prices and narrower margins. In late April, the company unveiled the Echo Look , a device with a voice-controlled camera that takes full-body photos and videos of ...

Author: 0 Mark Wahlberg: If Michael Bay is done with 'Transformers,' so am I

Fans rule, critics drool, etc. The latest in the series, " Transformers: The Last Knight ", is reportedly the last time Michael Bay will direct the series. Along the way, the toxic screenplay - which doesn't even bother with the basic transitioning of its characters from A to B locations, or lending anyone an ounce of motivation beyond "I like things that go boom" - ensnares everyone from Anthony Hopkins's exposition-spouting British lord to Laura Haddock's Oxford history professor, ...

Sci-tech Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer Set to Release on June 27th
Author: 0 Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer Set to Release on June 27th

The new DLC is not a full expansion but instead adds the Priests of Rathma to the game, including their new abilities and pets. Now, in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls , they'll return to their corpse-summoning antics by forcing their slain enemies into servitude, or to their actual deaths by explosion.

Author: 0 Energy chief: Carbon dioxide not prime driver of warming

Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen is blasting Energy Secretary Rick Perry's comments labeling Yucca Mountain as a "moral obligation" and discussing plans to build a nuclear waste interim facility at the Nevada National Security Site. He said that it's "quite all right" to be dubious of climate change, calling skepticism a sign of a "wise, intellectually engaged person". The Trump administration has also moved to roll back or delay numerous rules approved by the Obama administration to cut ...

Sci-tech Russia says Trump is using 'Cold War rhetoric' on Cuba
Author: 0 Russia says Trump is using 'Cold War rhetoric' on Cuba

Mexico " s media outlets are addressing today Cuba " s response to the announcement by US President Donald Trump of going back in relations with the island. Rules regarding travel could change, as Trump called for a review within 90 days of current policies . Trump tore into former President Barack Obama in front of an audience made up largely of Cuban exiles and their descendants in a theater named for a leader of the failed 1961 US -backed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Sci-tech Jada Pinkett-Smith Deeply Hurt By Tupac Biopic Portrayal
Author: 0 Jada Pinkett-Smith Deeply Hurt By Tupac Biopic Portrayal

On Memorial Day weekend, poor reviews were seen as a major reason why "Baywatch" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" did not have as strong an opening as box office trackers expected. "I found interviews that she gave us in a very true form", he continued. "I knew they weren't going to make a good movie at all and they didn't".

Sci-tech Mamata Banerjee leaves for The Hague ; Darjeeling continues to boil
Author: 0 Mamata Banerjee leaves for The Hague ; Darjeeling continues to boil

Earlier, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called for peace in Darjeeling after an indefinite strike called by the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha in demand of a separate state. "My ministers are monitoring the situation", Banerjee said at Kolkata airport. As the simmering tension continues to disrupt normal life in the tourist hotspot Darjeeling in demand of a separate state, in neighbouring Assam the indigenous Bodo tribe has again renewed their demand for a separate Bodoland state.

Author: 0 Will not make any money with $500 Xbox One X: Microsoft executive

The company showcased an array of promising games: from AAA titles like Forza 7 , Sea of Thieves , and State of Decay 2 , to smaller titles like The Last Night , Ori and the Will of the Wisp , Cuphead , and Ashen , all of which are console exclusive or console launch exclusive to Xbox One .

Author: 0 Moon vows to wean Korea off nuclear power

President Moon Jae-in vowed to scrap a nuclear-centered energy policy in a ceremony held in Gijang County northeast of Busan to mark the permanent shutdown of the Kori-1 nuclear reactor on Monday. Experts say the shutdown of coal power plants could dramatically hike utility cost in a country where coal power generates about 40 percent of its entire power needs.

Sci-tech OnePlus 5 TV ad shows India the upcoming smartphone in full
Author: 0 OnePlus 5 TV ad shows India the upcoming smartphone in full

The company seems to have quite a sizable ad budget for the OnePlus 5 , considering the fact that advertising during the ICC Championship Trophy is not cheap. You can go on Amazon India's OnePlus 5 landing page, and tap on the "Notify Me" button on the top banner. The OnePlus 5 will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip (SoC) equipped with the Adreno 540 GPU, the OPPO Electronics-owned company confirmed.

Sci-tech Pokémon Go Revamping Gyms, Adding Co-op Raids
Author: 0 Pokémon Go Revamping Gyms, Adding Co-op Raids

Players will be able to spin the Photo Disc at all Gyms to collect items, just like a PokeStop. This update will add additional occupational slots to existing gyms so that each gym supports six slots in total. You can get one free Raid Pass per day by visiting a Gym, but you can only hold one at a time. Unlike the previous system, all Pokemon must be unique.

Author: 0 Republicans, Democrats Play Ball for 'Team Scalise'

Injured Capitol Hill Police officer David Bailey throws. Republican and Democrats faced off in the the Congressional Baseball Game Thursday night, but the spirit of bipartisanship was alive and well following the assassination attempt on some lawmakers.

Author: 0 Trump attorney says president not under investigation

The president wrote on Twitter: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt." It was the first time Trump had publicly acknowledged that he's under investigation . "But he's not yet made that momentous decision to go for a full-scale investigation ". The FBI "doesn't sit around all day and read tweets", said Rubio, a Republican from Florida who's a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Sci-tech Australia coach is not taking young German players lightly
Author: 0 Australia coach is not taking young German players lightly

Team Germany dominated the game from the very beginning, they score a goal within the 5 minutes of the game and the second goal came at the 44th and 48th minute for them. Australia , on the other hand, will be at full strength and a win will be a huge confidence boost for the Socceroos . Germany's rawness wasn't obvious at all early in the game when a goal was created after only five minutes.

Author: 0 NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

NASA has discovered 10 brand-new planets which it believes are Earth-like, within the habitable zone and so could theoretically support alien life. The Kepler spacecraft continues to make observations in new patches of sky in its extended mission, searching for planets and studying a variety of interesting astronomical objects, from distant star clusters to objects such as the TRAPPIST-1 system of seven Earth-size planets, closer to home.

Author: 0 GTA5's recent Steam reviews are "overwhelmingly negative" amidst mod controversy

Despite disagreeing with Take-Two's reasoning, the developer agreed with their claims and stopped distribution of OpenIV . Take-Two Interactive told PCGamer the reason behind why it sent the cease and desist order to OpenIV group saying that the popular GTA Mod tool allowed the creation of malicious mods that resulted in player harassment in GTA Online .

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