Author: 0 Wyden Fires Up Sessions During Contentious Exchange

The attorney general has acknowledged two meetings past year with Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak . When Comey testified before the same Senate committee last week , the senators asked Comey how he would "characterize Attorney General Sessions's adherence to his recusal, in particular with regard to his involvement in your firing".

Author: 0 Senior Cabinet minister offer support to UK prime minister

Davis, who said that some policies in the government's programme would now be pruned back, was one of a number of senior Conservatives to publicly pledge loyalty to May. Any further delay could mean her missing some of the races at Royal Ascot next week. While the British public will have to wait to hear what their government has in store for them, it's perhaps the Queen who will be most put out by the delay as it could interfere with her plans to attend The Royal Ascot horserace next ...

Author: 0 United Kingdom election outcome to delay Brexit negotiations

We have completed the guidelines, the framework", Merkel said Friday in Mexico City. "I assume that Britain, from what I heard from the Prime Minister today, wants to stick to its negotiating plan", Merkel told a news conference alongside President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Author: 0 Britain's snap election backfires on Prime Minister Theresa May

Her new government was "wonderfully weak and unstable", he said, paraphrasing Mrs May's "strong and stable" election mantra. "I obviously wanted a different result last night", a grim-faced May acknowledged, promising she would "reflect on what happened".

People North Korea prepared for new ballistic missile test: State media
Author: 0 North Korea prepared for new ballistic missile test: State media

Defense officials said , "It's the proverbial bullet hitting a bullet". The U.S. Missile Defense Agency conducted today a successful, long-awaited test of the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) element of the Missile-Defense system protecting the Continental USA from attacks by intercontinental ballistic missiles ( ICBM ).

Author: 0 Sessions says he never gave misleading testimony during confirmation hearing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions heatedly denied today having an undisclosed meeting with Russia's ambassador to the USA or conversations with any Russian officials about the US election that sent Donald Trump to the White House . There are none, Sen. Also, the two were together on issues like immigration and trade when, at the time, Sessions was often a voice in the wilderness among other Senate Republicans.

People Emirati ambassador: USA should rethink its air base in Qatar
Author: 0 Emirati ambassador: USA should rethink its air base in Qatar

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain announced on June 5 they were cutting diplomatic ties and closing air, sea and land links with Qatar, giving Qataris within their borders two weeks to leave. He's suggesting troops could be moved to his country, instead. Somalia allowed Qatar the use of its airspace to break the no fly restriction imposed by the Arab countries.

Author: 0 EU leaders to back closer defence ties, Paris climate accord - summit draft

Another goal calls for "urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts". In a footnote to the communique, the U.S. government emphasises that it continues "to demonstrate through action, having reduced out Carbon dioxide footprint as demonstrated by achieving pre-1994 Carbon dioxide levels domestically".

Author: 0 SKorea leader proposes Asian nations co-host 2030 World Cup

Since his election, Moon has attempted to open a dialogue with his neighbours, but North Korea have yet to respond, instead choosing to conduct numerous missile tests in an attempt to demonstrate military strength. He also expressed hope for the two countries to "get along well" and not to have relations tangled with "trivial matters". But he came under fire from South Korean civic groups for possibly criticising people who support the reversal of a controversial agreement struck by Tokyo and ...

People Sessions to face sharp questions on Russia contacts
Author: 0 Sessions to face sharp questions on Russia contacts

Sessions was originally scheduled to testify before the Senate Committee on Appropriations on Tuesday, but in light of recent events, it became clear that it was necessary for Sessions to address Congress specifically about the Russian Federation probe.

Author: 0 Police release photos of London attackers' fake bomb belts

Police have released images of the fake explosive belts worn by the three London terror attackers. Dozens of people were injured before the three attackers were shot dead by police. Butt tried to rent a 7.5-ton box truck, but his payment was declined and he rented a smaller van instead. The van used in the London Bridge attacks.

People Dollar steadies ahead of meetings; C$ hits 2-month high
Author: 0 Dollar steadies ahead of meetings; C$ hits 2-month high

SINGAPORE, June 13 The Canadian dollar rose to its highest level in almost two months on Tuesday, buoyed by hawkish comments from Canada's central bank, while worries about United Kingdom political uncertainty dented sterling. It wasn't until its May 24 policy decision that the BOC embraced a slightly more upbeat tone on economic conditions. "What that suggests to us is that the interest rate cuts we put in place in 2015 have largely done their work", Poloz said.

Author: 0 Trump's tweeted typo covfefe becoming vanity license plates

The Babylon Bee offered an exaggeratedly high-stakes rationale as to its origin. Merriam-Webster has brought a little joy into our lives by regularly replying to Trump and his administration's loose use ( or abuse ) of the English language with the most savage comebacks of all: the truth.

Author: 0 Author eats his book on live TV after wrong UK poll prediction

Ok, yes he didn't manage to secure the largest party, but some people were predicted the end of the Labour Party. He said in a tweet last month that he did not think Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party would poll 38 per cent in the general election on June 8.

Author: 0 Scottish independence dealt a blow after nationalists suffer losses

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has said plans for a second independence referendum must "disappear" after her party fought back to take six seats from the SNP . Sturgeon put a positive spin on the losses - which saw her party reduced to to just 35 MPs across Scotland - arguing the SNP was still the third-largest party in parliament and as such would have a role to play.

People Attorney General Sessions' Testimony To Senate Panel Will Be Public
Author: 0 Attorney General Sessions' Testimony To Senate Panel Will Be Public

Still, for Sessions, there's a great deal at stake politically with this testimony. It also means the Russian Federation storm will continue to swamp President Donald Trump's agenda. In his defense, Sessions could cite a memo written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that criticized Comey over the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Author: 0 Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh with heavy wind and rain

Though reports of any casualties have not been reported so far, several properties including huts and kutcha houses were damaged. Chittagong and Cox's Bazar districts, bordering Myanmar, is also home to refugee camps for Rohingya Muslims fleeing their homeland in northwest Myanmar.

Author: 0 Suspected NKorea drone photographed US missile-defense site

The device, equipped with a camera and a 64-GB memory card, was seized on June 9 in a mountainous area near the border between the two countries after it apparently crashed, reports Efe news. North Korea called the system a provocation aimed at bolstering US military hegemony in the region. "We want to start discussions with China and Japan on this idea", a spokesman for the Korea Football Association (KFA) said.

People United Kingdom prime minister insists she is staying put
Author: 0 United Kingdom prime minister insists she is staying put

May's conservatives were reduced to 318 seats - eight short of an outright majority - in last Thursday's snap election that saw a surge in votes for Corbyn's Labour, especially by young adults who skipped last year's Brexit referendum. The DUP is a socially conservative party that opposes abortion and gay marriage, and many of its members also are sceptical about man-made climate change and reject the theory of evolution.

Author: 0 Montana's next Congressman avoids jail time for assaulting reporter

Gianforte had been given a 180-day jail sentence but it was deferred. Gianforte attacked reporter Ben Jacobs after he asked him a question about a healthcare bill at a campaign event in the USA state of Montana about 24 hours before polls closed on May 24 , the report stated.

People Smirnoff ad winks at Russian meddling probe, Trump
Author: 0 Smirnoff ad winks at Russian meddling probe, Trump

The ads began popping up over the weekend and target small portions of the NY metro area, including a train station in Harlem, a Diageo spokesman confirmed. Former FBI director James Comey testified last week that the president had pressed him to drop a probe into ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

People Britain's May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco
Author: 0 Britain's May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

Brexit Minister David Jones said he supported Mrs May but it was "impossible to say" if she would still be Prime Minister in six months' time . "Our shared responsibility and urgent task now is to conduct the negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union in the best possible spirit, securing the least disruptive outcome for our citizens, businesses and countries after March 2019", he said.

People Fort Campbell soldiers killed while in Afghanistan
Author: 0 Fort Campbell soldiers killed while in Afghanistan

Eric Houck, Sgt. William Bays and Cpl. Also over the weekend, an American air strike in southern Afghanistan killed at least three Afghanpolicemen and wounded several during a joint operation by Afghan and USA special forces. The Taliban claimed the gunman was one of their own. "We take civilian casualties very seriously and all allegations are thoroughly investigated", the command said.

Author: 0 SDF announces "final assault" on Raqqa

The offensive has also seen the SDF a multi-ethnic group but dominated by the Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Units), receive support from U.S. military advisers and weapons deliveries. Although IS still controls the south bank of the Euphrates opposite Raqqa, coalition airstrikes in recent months have destroyed the bridges connecting it to the city.

Author: 0 DUP backs deal to support Tory government

I'm very proud to lead this party. The Times of London said in an editorial that "the election appears to have been, among other things, a rejection of the vague but harshly worded prospectus for Brexit for which Mrs". Pressed if he was being clear that the United Kingdom will leave the EU, Mr Corbyn said: "Absolutely". But Elmar Brok, a German conservative and the European Parliament's top Brexit expert, told the Ruhr Nachrichten newspaper that the talks would now be more complicated.

People Northern Ireland party agrees to May's minority government
Author: 0 Northern Ireland party agrees to May's minority government

No 10 said the terms of the arrangement would be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on Monday. Many critics, including Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson , have expressed concerns over the DUP's stances against gay marriage and abortion, among other issues.

People Average gas prices fall across state and country
Author: 0 Average gas prices fall across state and country

Georgia's average was $2.11 per gallon from June 1 through August 31, 2016; the national average was $2.23 during that same time period. Triggering the gas price drop were continued declines in crude oil prices, Jenkins said. That's about 5.8 cents per gallon less than one year ago at this time and the lowest for mid-June since 2005 . according to GasBuddy. The app and website have the most accurate and real-time fuel prices at over 140,000 unique stations in the United States, Canada, ...

People Retired HC judge to probe Mandsaur firing
Author: 0 Retired HC judge to probe Mandsaur firing

The Reserve Bank of India, however, warned of the fiscal situation getting out of hand if states unabatedly continued to waive farm loans. Onions procured at Rs eight per kilogram by the Madhya Pradesh government would be soon sold at Rs two per kilogram to the poor at fair prices shops under the Public Distribution system (PDS), as per directions issued by the Chief Minister.

Author: 0 Chouhan Meets Families of Farmers Killed in Police Firing

He announced the state would buy the produce and give profitable prices to farmers. In Mandsaur , the curfew was imposed after five people were killed in police firing during a farmers' protest on June 6, it was on Saturday relaxed for 12 hours in five police station areas of the district.

Author: 0 Israel approves largest West Bank settlements in 25 years

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu demanded that in the wake of a peace deal, USA and Palestinian officials accept that settlers will be allowed to remain in Palestine, according to a document obtained by Israeli daily Haaretz . They are the first new settlement announcements since Mr Trump's visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories last month, when he tried to encourage both sides back to the negotiating table.

Author: 0 Clinton jokes covfefe 'a hidden message to the Russians'

In early May, Clinton said she takes "personal responsibility" but then quickly contradicted herself by shifting blame to Russian interference in the election and then-FBI Director James Comey's release of a letter concerning the investigation into her emails.

People Tories and DUP: Deal or no deal on forming minority government?
Author: 0 Tories and DUP: Deal or no deal on forming minority government?

Former NI Secretary Peter Hain on Theresa May: "She was evasive, she was arrogant, she was negative". The main opposition Labour Party surpassed expectations by winning 262. Office worker Christina Kelly, 38, described the result as "not exactly an ideal situation" but said it would likely focus more attention on Northern Ireland and particularly how Brexit would affect the region.

Author: 0 Chouhan Sits on Fast in Bhopal "For Restoration of Peace"

The national farmers' outfit had met under the convenorship of Kakkaji in Delhi on Saturday and decided on a nationwide road blockade on June 16 over farmers' issues, said RKMS State spokesperson Sunil Gaur. Meanwhile, farmer Krishan Meena, 40, from Raisen district killed himself after he allegedly failed to pay off his loans and electricity bills, his family said.