Author: 0 Love or hate Trump or Comey, they're great for TV ratings

Reached by phone Saturday morning about an interview, the father of former FBI Director James Comey expressed a willingness to speak to a CNN reporter. Trump will be pleased to know Comey's TV tally did not match the 31M viewers Nielsen clocked for Trump's inauguration, nor the 48M who tuned in to watch Trump's first Address to the Joint Session of Congress.

Author: 0 Trump Asks Supreme Court to Reinstate Travel Ban

One order called for "extreme vetting" of visa seekers from terror-plagued countries. Donald Trump's so-called Muslim ban could be reinstated in just two weeks after the White House asked the US Supreme Court to intervene. A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit is considering the Hawaii injunction but has not yet ruled on it. Trump's March order was his second go-round on the travel ban .

People Afghan commando kills two American soldiers before being shot dead
Author: 0 Afghan commando kills two American soldiers before being shot dead

Reuters reports that shortly before Saturday's attack, at least three members of the Afghan security forces were killed by USA aircraft during an overnight raid in Helmand. Beginning in 2016, Afghan security forces backed by USA military advisers launched a major offensive against ISIS. Afghan officials initially reported that two USA service members were killed but US officials later said three had died in the incident.

Author: 0 Trump lashes out at DOJ over travel ban legal strategy

Trump begrudgingly scaled back the order by removing Iraq from the list and making the Syria refugee ban only temporary, but that order was blocked by the courts, too. "It's not a travel ban". The president's attempts to impose a travel ban - much less to build an worldwide coalition against terrorism - aren't helped by his transgressive attacks on a rotating list of targets.

Author: 0 As Tillerson calls for calm, Trump calls out Qatar on terror

In a rare public statement, Tillerson appealed to the Middle Eastern and North African governments behind the blockade of Qatar. The remarks from the president came as the United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain are engaging in a blockade with Qatar.

Author: 0 NSA chief, intelligence director won't comment on Trump conversations

Rogers said , "Because I feel it is inappropriate". "I don't believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a public session", Coats said. The Senate panel questioned Coats and Rogers about those claims on Wednesday. In the Wednesday hearing , National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers refused to discuss specifics about his conversations with Trump. And does that not deny newspaper reports suggesting quite the opposite, that Dan Coats was pressured? Unlike former FBI ...

Author: 0 Comey testimony watched by an estimated 19.5 million viewers

Reached by phone Saturday morning about an interview, the father of former FBI Director James Comey expressed a willingness to speak to a CNN reporter. NBC drew 2.723 million and joined its two rivals airing commercial-free coverage of the almost 3-hour testimony. Smaller audiences tuned in to the hearing on Univision, Fox Business Network and HLN.

People More Women Than Ever Before Elected to Parliament in UK Snap Polls
Author: 0 More Women Than Ever Before Elected to Parliament in UK Snap Polls

Another important milestone in the election is the first female Sikh MP, Preet Gill . Equality advocates 50:50 Parliament described the increase in the number of women in Parliament as "fab", but added there's " still a way to go ". Caroline Lucas, the Green Party's only member of Parliament, retained her seat in Brighton Pavilion with a healthy majority. But while many celebrated the women's parliamentary achievements, others pointed out that some sections of United Kingdom politics ...

Author: 0 Trump declares 'total vindication' in tweet on Comey

Beneath an nearly cloudless sky in the Rose Garden Friday, President Trump accused James Comey of lying under oath before Congress the day before and said he was "100 percent" prepared to make that case himself to the special counsel heading the Russian Federation probe.

Author: 0 Saudi, allies issue Qatar-linked 'terrorism' list

Saudi Arabia and its allies Saturday welcomed an accusation by President Donald Trump that Qatar was bankrolling extremism but ignored a separate U.S. Qatar's Al Udeid Air Base is home to more than 11,000 USA and coalition forces and an important base for the fight against IS. On Thursday, the Trump administration offered a mediator: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson , who negotiated for years with Qatari leaders when he served as CEO of Exxon Mobil.

Author: 0 London police chief: Attack victims show city's diversity

Police have made a number of worldwide inquiries as they work urgently to establish how the three attackers knew each other, as well as investigating whether they were helped through funding or any other means. Scotland Yard, seeking more witnesses to come forward, is appealing to companies who hire out vans to report any suspicious activities. The three terrorists, who were all wearing hoax suicide vests, travelled together in a red Vauxhall Corsa from Barking in east London where they ...

Author: 0 Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after UK vote

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was discussing trade and climate change on Thursday during a visit to Argentina. "We are ready for Brexit negotiations..." "We want to negotiate quickly, we want to stick to the time plan, and so at this point I don't think there is anything to suggest these negotiations can not start as was agreed".

Author: 0 Police announce new arrest linked to London Bridge attack

The video does not contain sound, but Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, stated that the three officers fired an unprecedented about of shots - around 50 - because it was believed the attackers were wearing suicide vests.

People Comey's testimony was a feast of contradiction and self-serving showmanship
Author: 0 Comey's testimony was a feast of contradiction and self-serving showmanship

He told reporters he wants to get back to issues related to "running our great country", like creating jobs, which was a major campaign promise. Oh. "Well, no... Comey said he felt like this is what was happening", Blunt said. He also accused Qatar, a key USA military partner, of funding terrorism "at a very high level", and said solving the problem in the tiny Persian Gulf nation could be "the beginning of the end of terrorism".

People Egypt and Bahrain keep pressure on Qatar in Gulf crisis
Author: 0 Egypt and Bahrain keep pressure on Qatar in Gulf crisis

Qatar has denounced the allegations against it and Al Thani during his meeting with Lavrov called the measures against the country "illegal". Mr Trump on Friday told Qatar: "Stop teaching people to kill other people". It is unclear whether Kuwait's diplomatic efforts are yielding results, but it is clear that Saudi Arabia is taking steps to contain the challenge at hand.

Author: 0 Trump derails infrastructure speech to whine about Democrats obstructing his agenda

Just moments before the president began his speech, the Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington was hearing testimony from Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, National Security Agency Adm. Withrow said if he passed on the costs to his employees, they would likely leave the company. "They are just obstructionists, every single thing is obstruction".

Author: 0 Pelosi says Trump abused power in interactions with ex-FBI chief

One RNC email sent to conservative news organizations Thursday morning criticized Comey as being "against leaks before he was for them" and said he was "forced to admit that he leaked his own memo". "He had repeatedly told me I was doing a great job and he hoped I would stay", Comey said. Collins spoke after the prepared text of Comey's opening statement was released Wednesday.

Author: 0 Defense grills accuser at Cosby sex assault trial

Cosby (his 2015 mug shot, right, courtesy of the Montgomery County district attorney's office) has largely remained stoic and non-responsive in court, but outside the building he has behaved quite differently. "It comes across very clearly that she is telling the truth", NY Times quoted her. Prosecutors said phone records show a consistent pattern of Constand checking her voicemail and then calling Cosby in the two months after the alleged January 2004 assault.

People MP farmers' death: Youth Congress stages rail roko
Author: 0 MP farmers' death: Youth Congress stages rail roko

Police had initially denied responsibility for the deaths of the protestors, blaming it instead on "anti-social elements" and crowd violence. "I just want to warn the Congress not to fuel violence in the name of farmers", he declared. "In January 1998, there was police firing in Multai in Betul district and 24 farmers were killed". People have given the protest of farmers a very bad shape.

People Is the United Kingdom facing parliamentary paralysis?
Author: 0 Is the United Kingdom facing parliamentary paralysis?

British newspapers on Saturday headlined with an array of gloomy stories about May's future . Moreover, she is now dependent on the support of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) to keep her government alive. When voters chose to leave, he resigned, leaving May to deal with the mess. The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, said: "Yet another own goal , after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated".

People Scottish secessionist dreams of swift independence vote dashed
Author: 0 Scottish secessionist dreams of swift independence vote dashed

Only two years later, however, and this was reduced to 34 seats. What lies behind these changing fortunes? The Scottish Parliament gave the green light for a second independence referendum in March, but any vote would need to be ratified by Westminster, and Prime Minister Theresa May has already rejected this timetable.

Author: 0 Police first responder describes London Bridge attack mayhem

They said they had not found evidence of anyone else being involved in the plot - or inspiring the attackers to carry it out. The attack began with the van driving back along the pavements of the bridge, running down three pedestrians before crashing outside the Barrowboy and Banker pub opposite London Bridge station, it said.

People Pound dives on fears UK election may produce no clear winner
Author: 0 Pound dives on fears UK election may produce no clear winner

Within the two years of talks, Britain wants to not only agree on the terms of its exit but also negotiate a new relationship on things like trade and security. "If a hung parliament forces a cross party compromise it could lead to a softer Brexit strategy, and may turn out to be positive in the long run after some serious initial confusion", said Kallum Pickering, economist at Berenberg bank.

Author: 0 Thompson shoots 67 for 1-shot lead after 3rd round

But Sharp said hers was likely caused by dehydration. "I think it's the best way to set up a golf course and get low scores". "Just had these good vibes coming out". Sharp connected and followed it up with three birdies over her next four holes. "I started out a little bit shaky and got a little bit shaky in the middle", she said.

People Trump says US is committed to mutual support of NATO allies
Author: 0 Trump says US is committed to mutual support of NATO allies

That's why people were so excited to see what Comey had to say about his private meetings with Trump, and he didn't disappoint. Trump lashed out at Comey, dubbing him a "leaker" for indirectly providing reporters with the contents of his memos summarizing their private conversations in the weeks before he was sacked.

People Death toll in Sri Lanka landslide at 151
Author: 0 Death toll in Sri Lanka landslide at 151

The island nation of Sri Lanka is now facing the worst flooding and landslide disaster in a decade. People in the town of Agalawatte in the Kalutara District of Sri Lanka said they had no hope of the water levels going down anytime soon.

Author: 0 Trump reiterates call for a travel ban from certain 'dangerous' countries

Last week, Trump officials in the Justice Department petitioned the Supreme Court to issue and emergency order reinstating the travel ban and Trump himself was of the mind that the original ban didn't go far enough. Do Supreme Court justices really want to deny Trump's authority to call the shots on national security and immigration policy? His tweets contradict what White House staffers have maintained for months - that the executive order is not a ban.

People Alex Salmond loses Gordon seat to Conservatives
Author: 0 Alex Salmond loses Gordon seat to Conservatives

Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson will be a massive loss. The losses for Sturgeon's party exceeded by far anything expected ahead of the general election with the SNP losing in seats such as Banff and Buchan in the north east of Scotland where they held a majority of 15,000 votes.

People Emirati diplomat to AP: 'Nothing to negotiate' with Qatar
Author: 0 Emirati diplomat to AP: 'Nothing to negotiate' with Qatar

He said Qatar needed to shut down or limit its Al-Jazeera news network, as well as stop funding extremist groups and others. The notice from Emirates Post Group gave no explanation for the suspension, but the governments of Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain have all been taking steps this week to isolate Qatar over its alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iran .

People NK leader observes missile launch
Author: 0 NK leader observes missile launch

It's the fourth time this year North Korea is said to have introduced and successfully tested a new type of missile. While most North Korean drones are unsophisticated and can be eliminated with surface-to-air missiles, the South is also believed to be developing directed energy (laser) weapons to destroy unmanned systems, as drones have the potential to be used for far more nefarious purposes than spying.

Author: 0 United Kingdom exit poll: Conservatives may fall short of majority

The Telegraph newspaper said senior Conservatives including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, interior minister Amber Rudd and Brexit minister David Davis were taking soundings over whether to replace Ms May. "She wanted a mandate", he said. But May vowed to " fulfil the promise of Brexit", in a statement outside her Downing Street office after seeking permission from the head of state Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government .

People Trump defends tweeting as way to get out 'honest' message
Author: 0 Trump defends tweeting as way to get out 'honest' message

Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. defended his father's use of Twitter during an ABC News interview. In a series of tweets on Monday, Trump ripped the Justice Department for offering a "watered-down" version of his travel ban and to call for the need for "extreme vetting" of visitors coming into the country after Saturday's terror attack in London that killed seven people.

People Trump can't stop Comey with executive privilege
Author: 0 Trump can't stop Comey with executive privilege

I - I understand people's curiosity about our work and intense interest in it, and as Mr. King said , oftentimes, speculation about it. The Times notes that nothing is set in stone, considering Trump's history of changing his mind at the last minute, but it would most likely be disastrous if he did end up trying to bar Comey from testifying.

People Sessions to appear before Senate intelligence committee
Author: 0 Sessions to appear before Senate intelligence committee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the Trump campaign. Trump is also upset by injunctions preventing his temporary travel ban from taking effect. Sessions said Saturday that he was accepting an invitation from the Senate intelligence committee, although that was not immediately confirmed. The omission came on the advice of staff and an FBI investigator, the agency said.