People Election day ahead: May and Corbyn to face Paxman, but not together
Author: 0 Election day ahead: May and Corbyn to face Paxman, but not together

Ms May was heckled and laughed at by some members of the audience at Monday's TV appearance when discussing her education policy, and when Paxman asked whether the European Union would see her as a "blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire" after she softened her plans on old age care.

Author: 0 Shots fired at protest kill 5 farmers in central India

However, Chouhan came down heavily on the Congress for giving a political tinge to the violence. "I ask the Congress why they want an instant solution to farmers' problems in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh when they have no solution for farmers in Congress-ruled Karnataka?" "It will be advisable for them not to interfere in such matters", said BJP leader Tomar.

Author: 0 Police name two London attackers as Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the city's "anger and grief" was indescribable. "She had room in her heart for everyone and believed strongly that every person was to be valued and respected", the statement said. "We have had to close police stations, sell police buildings, and we've lost thousands of police staff", he said. Ikenna Chigbo, in an interview with Britain's Independent Television News, described another of the arrested men as a nice guy who regularly invited neighbors to ...

Author: 0 Police name two London attackers

The extremist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack . A London police spokesman said: "We haven't released anything at the moment, nor are we confirming anything but as soon as we are ready to name him, it will be on our website".

Author: 0 Trump takes sides in Arab rift, suggests support for isolation of Qatar

As Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates sever diplomatic relations with Qatar , the nations have also closed their airspace to their neighbor. Perhaps Qatar will withdraw enough media and funding support for things the Saudis don't like to buy them off, and everything will return to normal.

Author: 0 British police name two London attackers

The other named man, Rachid Redouane , was not known". "Detectives would like to hear from anyone who has any information about these men that may assist them with the investigation", Met Police added . ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, in a statement published by its Amaq news agency. Cook said while the attack is tragic, she was impressed with the London police's quick response and consistent communication with the public.

Author: 0 Trump offers to host feuding Gulf nations at White House

And in its bid to lobby the USA administration, the Saudis spent about $270,000 at Trump's hotel in Washington between October and the end of March, new foreign agent filings show. Disruption to airspace in the Gulf began on Tuesday morning local time. Until then, Qataris who often cross the border to shop in Saudi Arabia will be blocked , and several airlines have suspended service: Qatar Airways suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia ; Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, ...

Author: 0 Iran rocked by attacks on parliament, museum

Television footage showed police helicopters circling over the parliament building, with snipers on its rooftop. "We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, Iranian people and government". Iran has also come under attack in the past by Arab insurgents. Last June, Iranian security forces said they had thwarted a major bombing plot targeting Tehran and other major cities during Ramadan.

Author: 0 UAE bans expressions of sympathy towards Qatar

Saudi Arabia , the UAE, Bahrain , Egypt and Yemen on Monday cut diplomatic ties with fellow GCC member state Qatar. S&P said those countries' severing of diplomatic and business links "will exacerbate Qatar's external vulnerabilities and could put pressure on economic growth and fiscal" stability.

People England thrash New Zealand in Champions Trophy
Author: 0 England thrash New Zealand in Champions Trophy

The New Zealand played at a decent pace for his 87. Replying to New Zealand's 291, Australia had been reduced to 53-3 after nine overs when the bad weather arrived. Buttler added: "We've got some good memories of playing there". "We want to fulfil our potential". "They know where there are areas to hit, where they can to certain bowlers".

Author: 0 Trump says Arab leaders complained about Qatar

The U.S. isn't planning a major mediation role, a State Department official said, pointing to offers from Turkey and Kuwait to intervene in what is emerging as the worst diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf in decades. He said normal life in Qatar is "not affected" by the blockage, insisting the tiny country maintains sufficient access to other air and sea routes to secure food for its people.

People Twin attacks on Iran parliament, Khomeini shrine, 1 dead
Author: 0 Twin attacks on Iran parliament, Khomeini shrine, 1 dead

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, publishing a brief video that purported to show the assailants inside the parliament, reported The Guardian. During the chaos, suicide bombers and gunmen stormed Iran's parliament building and opened fire on Iranian lawmakers. Iran has also been helping to battle IS in Iraq, which sent its condolences.

People Existing climate efforts expected to keep US goals on track
Author: 0 Existing climate efforts expected to keep US goals on track

The poll also showed 50 percent of Americans believe global temperatures will rise faster as a result of the USA withdrawal from the climate deal, and 64 percent think US relations with other countries will suffer. Trump's decision of withdrawal from " Paris Agreement on Climate Change" left the world in a state of deep grievance and disappointment. According to a survey published by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication in May, 69 percent of registered US voters wanted ...

Author: 0 Siding against ally Qatar, Trump injects US into Arab crisis

The move by Saudi Arabia , Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain to isolate Qatar is disrupting trade in commodities from crude oil to metals and food. The only way to resolve the ongoing dispute between the Persian Gulf's southern littoral states is to admit that the era of hegemonic aspirations is over and that dialogue is the only way to resolve exisitng problems and differences, a Iranian Middle East and nuclear policy specialist has said.

Author: 0 Bomb kills 13, hurts 24 in Baghdad; IS claims responsibility

Videos posted on social media showed chaotic scenes on the streets surrounding the blast. Over the past months, Iraq has been hit by a wave of bomb attacks, mostly claimed by Daesh. After sundown, families break their fast and Baghdad's restaurants and cafes quickly fill up with people staying up long into the night. The bombing targeted the Karrada district, which was hit by a massive truck bomb in July 2016 that killed at least 324 people, the deadliest attack in Iraq since the US -led ...

Author: 0 Jordan downgrades diplomatic relations with Qatar

Qatar Airways, one of the region's major long-haul carriers, has suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Egypt and Bahrain until further notice. Both al-Jubeir and Gargash in their comments suggested their complaints about Qatar go back years, likely implying their criticism is focused on Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

People Ariana Grande to release Over the Rainbow for Manchester
Author: 0 Ariana Grande to release Over the Rainbow for Manchester

Ariana Grande returned to Manchester for a benefit concert following the deadly bombing at her last concert on May 22. Meanwhile, in the U.K, Ariana Grande's " One Last Time " is vying for the top spot on the charts. The benefit gig on Sunday saw Grande returning to the site of the attacks less than a month later, with a star-studded list of guest stars including everyone from Miley Cyrus to Coldplay .

People US condemns attacks that killed 12 in Iran
Author: 0 US condemns attacks that killed 12 in Iran

According to reports , a dozen people have been killed in Wednesday's twin attacks while another 42 have been injured and admitted to 3 hospitals to receive treatment. "They are too small to affect the will of the Iranian nation and its officials", state TV quoted him saying. About 15 miles away, a second group of four terrorists confronted security forces as they tried to enter a building at the parliament complex.

Author: 0 Van strikes pedestrians on London Bridge

Khuram Butt also worked out at the Ummah Fitness Centre in Ilford, where a message on the door said: "While Mr Butt did occasionally train here at UFC gym we do not know him well nor did we see anything of concern, we will of course help the police in any way we can".

People Flynn turns over documents to panel
Author: 0 Flynn turns over documents to panel

The committee issued the subpoenas to Flynn Intel Group LLC. and Flynn Intel Group, Inc. after Flynn invoked the Fifth Amendment in response to a personal subpoena. Federal grand jury subpoenas have also been issued for Flynn's business records out of the USA attorneys office in Virginia. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn tried to vastly expand the United States government's back channel to communicate with the Russian government - and his efforts reportedly left Pentagon ...

People Trump Addresses Infrastructure, Health Care in Ohio
Author: 0 Trump Addresses Infrastructure, Health Care in Ohio

The White House has not said how it plans to fund the $200 billion investment, which has been a key sticking point for infrastructure funding proposals in recent years. The president also cited efforts he has made to kick-start infrastructure projects, which are thought to be a component of his agenda where bipartisan agreement can be reached.

People Trump Taps Former DOJ Official Christopher A. Wray as New FBI Director
Author: 0 Trump Taps Former DOJ Official Christopher A. Wray as New FBI Director

Wray , now a litigator in white-collar crime at a private law firm, was a top Department of Justice official under former President George W. Bush and played a key role in legal operations after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. Given Christopher Wray has worked as a private lawyer specialising in white collar crime since 2005, lawmakers may question his counterterrorism and management experience, says the BBC's Barbara Plett-Usher in Washington .

Author: 0 Van strikes as many as 6 people on London Bridge

A third man has not yet been named by police . Rachid Redouane , 30 (31.7.86) had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan. Police said officers from the Counter Terrorism Command unit had raided the properties and searches were ongoing in connection with the attacks.

People Military plane dissapears with 116 on board
Author: 0 Military plane dissapears with 116 on board

He said because no trace of the plane had been found, so they were moving to other areas along the shore. "Communication was lost suddenly at about 1:35pm (07:05 GMT) when it reached about 20 miles (32km) west of Dawei town", the statement said.

Author: 0 Presidential election on July 17, counting on July 20

Pranab Mukherjee , who assumed office in July 2012, is the 13th President of India and his term is ending soon. Though the ruling BJP is maintaining a guarded silence about its choice of the new president, various names including Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Gopalkrishna Gandhi is leading the race for the Opposition's candidate.

Author: 0 British Police Name Third Attacker From Saturday's Rampage In London

If confirmed, Thomas would be the eighth person killed in the vehicle and knife attack. It has been said countless times before, this isn't the first time something like this is happening in the United Kingdom or America as well. Zaghba visited her at her home near Bologna several times and in March 2016, after being stopped at Bologna airport, he was investigated for possible worldwide terrorist activity but released, according to the newspaper.

People Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83
Author: 0 Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83

Notorious Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega , who was ousted from power by a USA invasion in 1989, has died aged 83. Noriega appears to have died of a brain hemorrhage following surgery to remove a tumor in March and a medically-induced coma .

People Oliver Stone: Megyn Kelly didn't know her stuff with Putin
Author: 0 Oliver Stone: Megyn Kelly didn't know her stuff with Putin

Kelly interviewed Putin for the debut of her newsmagazine on Sunday. The Russian president's comments came in series of interviews with Stone on topics ranging from geopolitics to views on life and love. He told filmmaker Oliver Stone that he doesn't suffer from "natural cycles" getting him down. Over the last few years, Stone has often defended Putin's policies, including those in neighboring Ukraine.

People London police confirm eighth victim in deadly terrorist attack
Author: 0 London police confirm eighth victim in deadly terrorist attack

President Emmanuel Macron confirmed the French death toll on Wednesday, adding that eight citizens were also among the injured. Witness accounts suggested Thomas might have been thrown into the river, police said. "I saw the hate in his eyes", she said. "My mother is suffering". If the body is identified as his, he would be an eighth victim. French waiter Ms Pigeard, who was working at a bistro at the south end of London Bridge.

Author: 0 Ranking US diplomat in China resigns

Baucus's replacement, Branstad, was confirmed by the Senate last month but hasn't arrived in China yet. Almost 200 countries signed on to the non-binding accord. Rank was serving as the top United States diplomat in China until the arrival of former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as ambassador to China later this month.

People Trump sons defend his criticism of London mayor
Author: 0 Trump sons defend his criticism of London mayor

In the Saturday night rampage, the attackers first drove a rented van into a crowd and then jumped out and randomly stabbed people they encountered. Sadiq Khan the mayor of London says that there was no reason of alarming when already police was present.

People Twitter users, blocked by Trump, cry censorship
Author: 0 Twitter users, blocked by Trump, cry censorship

Eric Goldman, a Santa Clara University law professor who focuses on internet law, said that previous cases involving politicians blocking users on Facebook supported the Knight Institute's position. Finally, the letter notes that while the government can regulate the space, they cannot outright ban users because of a difference of opinion. "The President must not be allowed to banish views from public discourse simply because he finds them objectionable", writes Knight Institute executive ...

People Diane Abbott cancels radio appearance after embarrassing Sky News interview
Author: 0 Diane Abbott cancels radio appearance after embarrassing Sky News interview

It wasn't just Abbott who had a vehicle crash interview today. Although she said she had read the document, she appeared unable to recall any of the specific recommendations it contained. "I think it was right the British people had the opportunity to have an election now so they can make a choice of who they want to see taking them through the Brexit negotiations and getting the best deal for Europe and its a choice of one of two people: me or Jeremy Corbyn".

People Beijing Lashes Out Over Pentagon Report on Chinese Military
Author: 0 Beijing Lashes Out Over Pentagon Report on Chinese Military

The US Defense Department released a report saying it had reason to suspect that China could be eyeing Pakistan as a possible location for a foreign military base. Reacting to the Pentagon report, an editorial by Global Times, English daily under People's Daily (an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party) also said, "These reports suggest that the United States has decreasing confidence over its military supremacy in the West Pacific".