National With Self-Imposed Deadline Looming, Where Does Senate Stand On Health Plan?
Author: 0 With Self-Imposed Deadline Looming, Where Does Senate Stand On Health Plan?

But Rubio said he believes the process could take longer and urged the Senate to slow down. Democrats have vowed to bring Senate business to a halt this week, in protest against secrecy around a Republican attempt to repeal Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will affect access to coverage for millions of Americans.

National List of GOP lawmakers found in Virginia shooter's pocket
Author: 0 List of GOP lawmakers found in Virginia shooter's pocket

Sue Hodgkinson said her husband left the couple's home in March to move to Washington , shortly after their adopted daughter moved back into the house with her two-year-old son. Hodgkinson had posted anti-Trump rhetoric on Facebook and had written letters to his hometown newspaper, blaming Republicans for what he considered an agenda favoring the wealthy.

Author: 0 Gunfire heard at Mali resort area popular with foreigners

An "ongoing attack" has roiled a luxury resort near Mali's capital, Bamako , the U.S. State Department confirmed Sunday. The Associated Press said that there have been casualties and hostages reported. The identity of the other person killed was not immediately known. Al-Qaeda's North African affiliate Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Author: 0 Mueller investigating Jared Kushner's business dealings

The comment came after the president tweeted on Friday: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" There has been many twists and turns during the 2016 Presidential election, take a look at some of the key moments which won and lost the race for the White House.

Author: 0 Trump considering 'terminating' Russian Federation probe leader

Rosenstein said "no, I have not", when asked by Sen. Recently, members of the right-wing media began suggesting the president fire Robert Mueller , the special counsel tasked with investigating the Trump campaign's relationship with Russian Federation.

Author: 0 McConnell, Schumer trade jabs over health care

The Senate's decisions could have huge implications: Health care represents about one-sixth of the USA economy, and about 20 million people have gained insurance under the 2010 health law, President Barack Obama's signature legislative achievement.

Author: 0 Philando Castile shooting: 18 arrested in protests over Minnesota officer's acquittal

The family of Philando Castile is calling for President Trump step in after the heartbreaking acquittal of his killer's trial on Friday. (Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune via AP). Although prosecutors used Diamond's video and a police dashboard camera as evidence, the trial boiled down to one thing: no video of Philando's exact actions before the shooting exists.

National Trump to tout apprenticeships as way to fill jobs gap
Author: 0 Trump to tout apprenticeships as way to fill jobs gap

Although the labor force participation is at Jimmy Carter-era lows, that can change if we equip young Americans with the skills they need to fill high-paying jobs that are now sitting vacant or being filled with imported talent. It did not take long for President Trump to get to business upon his arrival in Milwaukee Tuesday afternoon. Critics say Trump can't be promoting apprenticeships while he proposes cutting federal job training funding by as much as 40 percent — from $2.7 billion to ...

National Portugal forest fire victims die in their cars as flames engulf road
Author: 0 Portugal forest fire victims die in their cars as flames engulf road

The government has declared Sunday through Tuesday national days of mourning for the victims of a fire "which has caused an irreparable loss of human life". Spain dispatched two water-bombing planes on June 18 morning to aid the Portuguese fire service on the ground, Costa said. The European Commission's aid chief, Christos Stylianides, said in a statement that "all will be done to assist the authorities and people of Portugal at this time of need".

Author: 0 GOP, Dem governors call for changes in House health bill

The CBO, which projected the House-passed Obamacare repeal bill could lead to over 20 million people losing health care coverage, won't be able to put together a final report , or "score", in just a few days once - if - the Republicans have a final plan.

National Milwaukee County sheriff not joining Homeland Security
Author: 0 Milwaukee County sheriff not joining Homeland Security

Clarke, who was a vocal surrogate for President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, announced in May that he would be joining the administration as an assistant secretary in DHS, serving as a liaison with law enforcement at several levels across the country.

Author: 0 Trump May Be Laying Groundwork to Fire Mueller — WashPost

It wasn't immediately clear to whom Trump was referring to in his comment "the man who told me to fire" Comey . Administration officials and the president's advisers are anxious Trump's tweets and public statements about the Russian Federation probe will trigger additional damaging leaks, but they said he can not stop talking about the investigation, reported Politico .

National Shooter went to GOP baseball practice with list of names
Author: 0 Shooter went to GOP baseball practice with list of names

The suspect in the shooting at the congressional baseball practice earlier this week had a list including the names of some members of Congress on him, CBS News has confirmed. On Friday, the hospital's director of trauma, Dr. Jack Sava, called Scalise's injury a "transpelvic gunshot wound" which had "fragmented, and caused significant damage to bones, internal organs and blood vessels".

Author: 0 Trump Interviewed Mueller for FBI Director Job Before Special Counsel Appointment

All of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) pushed the rumor despite the fact that their source admits he never spoke with the President and thinks he wouldn't do it. House Speaker Paul Ryan jumping to Robert Mueller's defense. The president has denied that he has any nefarious ties to Russian Federation and has also disputed that he's attempted to block the investigation into his campaign's possible role in Russia's election-related hacking.

Author: 0 Mistrial Declared in Bill Cosby Sex Assault Trial

Three of the questions were requests to review what Cosby said and another two were about the testimony of his accuser, Andrea Constand. This story has been corrected to show that an associate of Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby's spokesman, read Camille Cosby's statement, not Wyatt himself.

National Rep. Steve Scalise's condition upgraded to 'serious'
Author: 0 Rep. Steve Scalise's condition upgraded to 'serious'

The bullet damaged blood vessels, bones, and internal organs, Sava said. Scalise's doctors said Friday they were growing increasingly confident and optimistic about his condition, though more operations would be required and it was unclear how long he would be hospitalized.

Author: 0 Can Botulism Cause a Coma? Otto Warmbier Is In An Unresponsive State

Doctors at the UC Health University of Cincinnati Medical Center said the young man was able to breathe on his own, but his neurological state was best described "as a state of unresponsive wakefulness". They said they wanted all to know they and their son had been "brutalised and terrorised by the pariah regime". Rodman, who arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday, was scheduled to fly to Beijing before returning to the United States.

National Maryland teens killed in retaliation for alleged drug robbery
Author: 0 Maryland teens killed in retaliation for alleged drug robbery

Montgomery County police said they would reveal more details at a news conference Saturday night in Gaithersburg. They were found on Monday night inside a auto in Montgomery Village near Washington D.C. " May God punish who did this to my son". According to police, it was the last communication Najjar had with anyone, about a half-hour before he was killed.

National Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria
Author: 0 Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria

Iran's Revolutionary Guard, a hard-line paramilitary force, has seen advisers and fighters killed in the conflict. It did not immediately offer other specifics, other than to say the missiles were launched from Iran. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility. Shiite-majority Iran and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia have long had a sectarian feud. "The IRGC warns the Takfiri terrorists and their regional and trans-regional supporters that they would be engulfed by its revolutionary wrath ...

Author: 0 Macron casts ballot in French parliamentary vote

Moreover, the scale of LREM's win means Macron will enjoy an absolute majority even without the support of alliance partner Francois Bayrou and Modem, lending him a freer hand for reforms and room for a government reshuffle should he chose.

National Putin says US sanctions will 'complicate relations'
Author: 0 Putin says US sanctions will 'complicate relations'

The legislation is expected to head to the House in the coming weeks. The new Russian Federation sanctions also requires the White House to get a congressional review if it attempts to relax, suspend or terminate Russian Federation sanctions.

National US Senate's Iran sanctions are breach of nuclear deal - senior Iranian official
Author: 0 US Senate's Iran sanctions are breach of nuclear deal - senior Iranian official

He noted that the US Senate's new move was not "unpredictable" due to the history of Washington's enmity toward the noble Iranian nation, adding it is in line with the US acts of hostility toward the Islamic Republic. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky voted against. "Given that this global document has been signed by all permanent members of the UN Security Council, Germany and the European Union, these countries must also protest at the ...

Author: 0 Gunman in congressional baseball shooting had list of names in his pocket

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise looks like he will make an "excellent recovery", doctors say - but that wasn't always the case. Scalise sustained injuries to internal organs, broken bones and severe bleeding after being shot in his left hip on Wednesday morning on a baseball field in a Washington suburb.

National Hawaii enacts laws adopting Paris climate deal pledges
Author: 0 Hawaii enacts laws adopting Paris climate deal pledges

A string of state governors, city mayors and powerful companies were quick to pledge to meet greenhouse gas emission targets regardless of Trump's decision. Google searches for "climate changed" also peaked in the the last 30 days, as did searches for "trump" and "trump climate change". Then, the governor signed HB 1578 (Act 033) which "establishes the Carbon Farming Task Force within the Office of Planning to identify agricultural and aquacultural practices to improve soil health ...

National US Senate Passes Sanctions Against Iran And Russia
Author: 0 US Senate Passes Sanctions Against Iran And Russia

Yet those penalties are melded with the Iran punishments. The Russia sanctions measure was added as an amendment to an Iranian sanctions bill , after a deal was struck between the heads of the Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committees.

National 'Witch Hunt': Trump confirms he is being investigated over Comey firing
Author: 0 'Witch Hunt': Trump confirms he is being investigated over Comey firing

The Republican leader also lashed out at the Justice Department's number two, the man tasked with organising the probe. President Trump confirmed Friday that he is under investigation for firing FBI Director James Comey . "Nice", Trump wrote in his first tweet. From 2011 until her confirmation, she was a lawyer for the US Chamber of Commerce business lobbying group's legal arm, which played a major role in marshaling legal opposition to environmental and labor regulations championed ...

Author: 0 Aircraft, vessels search for missing US sailors

Damage is seen on the guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald off the Shimoda coast, after it collided with a Philippine-flagged container ship, on June 17, 2017 . The Navy said that the USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant ship 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan , a city south of Tokyo that is home to a U.S.

Author: 0 Trump has 'no intention' of firing special counsel Mueller: White House

I always speak for myself and not the president, he has his own spokesmen, although I think they are in need of help from time to time . Senators on Tuesday questioned both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on how the inquiry is being handled.

Author: 0 Senate GOP aiming for vote this month on health legislation

Rand Paul , for one, has cited any failure to fully wipe out Obamacare as a reason to vote no on a replacement bill. Sen. "The House bill has kind of an abrupt cutoff, and we're having a good productive discussion about a glide path to help states get to a point where they can get back to [the lower funding levels] without an abrupt cutoff", Barrasso said .

National Sailors Missing After US Destroyer Collides with Merchant Ship in Pacific
Author: 0 Sailors Missing After US Destroyer Collides with Merchant Ship in Pacific

The damage of Philippine-registered container ship ACX Crystal is seen in the waters off Izu Peninsula, southwest of Tokyo, on June 17, 2017 after it had collided with the USS Fitzgerald . It is unclear how many others may have been hurt. Under worldwide regulations on preventing collisions at sea, when two vessels are in a crossing situation, a ship must give way to the vessel to starboard.

National Trump supporters turn on special counsel Mueller
Author: 0 Trump supporters turn on special counsel Mueller

Substitute anchor Kristen Welker , who led the interview about the alleged discussions about firing Mueller, replied, "Obviously, the legitimacy of the special counsel would be up for debate". After Trump fired James Comey in an attempt to quash the Russian Federation scandal investigation, he warned the former FBI director that he'd "better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" He told Woodruff he thinks firing Mueller "would be ...

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