NBCUniversal May Drop WWE Smackdown Live From Its TV Schedule


Meanwhile SmackDown is being shopped around to other networks.

WWE's deal with USA / NBC expires on September 30, 2019, and they are now in an exclusive negotiating period with each other until the end of this spring.

WWE's Smackdown Live, the House that A.J. Styles (above) Built, may not have a home on USA Network if reports of NBCU's new deal with WWE come to pass.

HollywoodReporter.com reports that NBCU is paying almost three times the current rate for Raw, but it will allow Smackdown to enter opening bidding.

- FOX isn't ready to give up on picking up Raw in addition to its reported frontrunner status regarding landing the rights to Smackdown.

TV rights is a huge revenue earner for the WWE, so it's unlikely WWE just wants to put Smackdown on its own WWE Network. Due to the heavy increase in price, NBC Universal is reportedly not re-signing its deal to carry WWE's Smackdown. The show now garners the sixth-biggest audience among cable originals. Back in 2012, Major League Baseball, Fox Sports Media Group and Turner Broadcasting entered an eight-year national media rights deal for postseason games said to be worth $12.4 billion.