Erdogan demands Muslims 'move as 1' against Israel


Another two Palestinians were killed on Tuesday.

Speaking at a dinner on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Erdogan said the majority of the global community had failed to react to the events in Gaza, and warned that remaining silent would mean "opening a very unsafe door".

Putin and Erdogan also discussed the Syrian settlement and Russian-Turkish cooperation in the energy sector.

The opening of the U.S. Embassy on Monday was met with mass protests on the Gaza border, where Israeli troops killed almost 60 Palestinians and over 2,000 others, triggering a wave of global condemnation. Dozens of people were killed and 2,700 were wounded.

Julius Malema, one of South Africa's representatives at the Pan-African Parliament, has slammed African governments which attended the opening of the USA embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

Jerusalem's status is perhaps the thorniest issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the USA embassy relocation infuriated the Palestinians. Paraguay has said it will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of May. The embassy shift and the disproportionate response at the Gaza border, crucially, came on the eve of the 70th anniversary of Nakba, the day to mark the forced eviction of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in 1948.

"Israel, which is supported by the United States, can go further in terms of its expansionist strategy in the region despite the fact that its actions have no legal justification", Atlioglu underscored, warning of possible new casualties among Palestinians in the near future.

Israel says it is defending its border and accuses Hamas of trying to carry out attacks under the cover of the protests. As in previous demonstrations, smaller groups of protesters broke away and moved closer to the border fence, burning tires, throwing stones or hurling firebombs. Though many U.S. presidential candidates have promised to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump was the first to follow through.

"The meeting was held by the director of the Southern Europe Department, Iris Ambor, who expressed to the chargé d'affairs our strong protest of the outrageous Turkish conduct, and added that Israel won't tolerate such treatment of its delegates", ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said after the meeting. "And Israel is in a very hard situation, when probably large numbers of people want to enter Israel from a place that has been threatening Israel for some years now", Hoyer said to The Intercept.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again defended his country's response to protests in Gaza and blamed the territory's ruling Hamas party for the violence, according to excerpts from a CBS News interview on Tuesday. The terrorists mixed in with civilians and fired shots and hurled pipe bombs at Israeli soldiers guarding the border, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement.

The high death toll from Israeli fire has led to worldwide condemnations of Israel and calls for an independent investigation. Israel, who seized the eastern part of the city during the 1967 war, insists that Jerusalem is the single and indivisible capital of the country, while Palestinians wish to make the eastern part of the city the capital of their state.

Monday's massacre was the bloodiest day in the Gaza Strip since 2014 when Israel attacked the blockaded coastal enclave in a military operation codenamed Operation Protective Edge.

"Hamas is the one that sends us Facebook and text messages telling us to go and in the mosques, they call and send flyers to tell to go to the fence", the unidentified Hamas member said. It sees the entire city as its capital.