Police Find Stalker in Victim's Bath, Say She Sent Him 65000 Texts


Authorities say she has sent about 500 text messages a day some days, since the date happened late previous year.

She resumed her stalking upon getting out of jail, sending threatening texts to the man "indicating that harm may come", according to police.

The man said he went one date with her over a year ago, but she won't leave him alone.

When the man was out of town last month, he noticed in his home surveillance that the woman broke into his house and was taking a bath in his tub, police said.

According to ABC News, the 31-year-old met her undisclosed stalkee on a dating app early 2017 and the two went on a date together.

Police received a similar report in December from the same residence, but officers were unable to locate her. She was subsequently arrested and charged with harassment, stalking, and threatening. "And if he doesn't like it, I'll go home and I'll love my ex-boyfriend". After one reporter contradicted her claims of simply sending messages of love, and pointed out all the gory threats, Ades answered, "When you're finding love, not everything is ideal".

"I felt like I met my soul mate and everything was just the way it was".

"Oh, what I would do w/your blood ..."

According to the authorities, Ades met the man over an online dating application. "I was looking for my healing angel", Ades said.

In her messages to the object of her desire, Ades allegedly favorably compared herself to Adolf Hitler and praised the Nazi mass murderer as a 'genius, ' as Fox 10 reported.

When confronted about the fact that 65,000 text messages seemed more threatening than loving, she replied, "When you find love, everything is not flawless".

In spite of her texts, some of which threatened to hurt the man, she denied wanting to cause him injury.

In court documents, prosecutors laid out how threatening the tone of some of the text messages were: One said, "Don't ever try to leave me".

She claims she was no threat to the man, that she just loved him and wanted him to love her back. She also faces a failure to appear warrant since she missed her court date for the April trespassing charge.