MMA Community reacts to Mackenzie Dern's submission win at UFC 224


Mackenzie Dern entered Saturday night's UFC 224 bout against Amanda Cooper griping about all the questions she has faced about her propensity to miss weight, which had happened twice previously in her six-bout MMA career.

The victory showcased Mackenzie Dern's ever evolving stand-up and of course her ridiculous submission skills, but the dominant win was likely overshadowed by the fact that Dern came in seven pounds over the 116-pound strawweight limit for the fight.

"I'm ashamed of that and I don't want it to happen again ... but it's a mistake". "But on Friday at 9AM, I wasn't losing any more weight".

Speaking at the post-fight press conference at UF 224, undefeated fighter Mackenzie Dern addressed her missing weight for the fight card. For me it's a mistake.

More than anything, Dern says she's just as disappointed in herself as anybody else over her latest weight cutting disaster.

Weight is a big concern for Dern as Brazilian needs to be committed to hitting the 115-pound mark or she needs to move up to flyweight.

"My manager said the UFC wants me to move up in weight", Dern admitted. The jujitsu grappler made weight for her first bout, a split-decision strawweight win over Ashley Yoder at UFC 222 in March, but she missed weight in two fights under the Legacy banner in October 2016 and March 2017.

Dern did make it clear that she plans on never letting this happen again, and a way of making sure it does not is to go to the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. They told me even without a fight, they're going to make me make weight and they're going to stay on me, but that's what I need. "I believe that's what they want", Dern said.

"I've always wanted to fight here in Brazil", she said. "Since the first day I got here, the UFC was trying to help me and was saying I'd be able to make weight, and I did it last time". I'm going to take their help.