Corbella: A mother's role never ends - thank goodness!


It's amusing how my idea of "unwinding" at the end of the day has shifted into processing my thoughts and prayers as I scrub the floors because it's the only time I get to do it without interruption. I think of her excitement when she receives her gift, whether it's golf apparel, home décor, or something unique, like a painted birdhouse. It has been a learning experience.

Long before I became a mother, I'd picked up a long list of the remarkable things mothers do and an appreciation for their unparalleled influence. Her stress level rose overnight as she needed to find a job, become both mother and father to her two children, and overcome her grief.

"Suffice it to say that anytime I need someone to do eight loads of laundry, run four kids to six activities, cook three meals, volunteer at the school, plant a flower bed, sew new drapes, and persuade the neighbors that the boys really didn't mean any harm and so they shouldn't press charges - all in a single 12-hour day - I'm going straight to a mom".

While many countries around the globe, including South Africa, have adopted the American celebration of Mother's Day, many more have their own, much older, celebrations of motherhood. It's an interesting question.

I like to think that the genesis of this knowing begins in the womb, when mother must care for her child instinctively. She sacrifices sleep, energy, and time. I want to tell her that if I were to be born again, then I want to be born only as her child. People wanted her to know they appreciated her and the day to do that was Mother's Day. They manage to get themselves dressed for church knowing they'll be pulled away to change dirty diapers and calm their fussy babies amidst judgmental glances across the pews. You need to do it one by one, to look into their eyes and listen to their stories and light up when you see them like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

If i was to make the choice again, i would still chose you to be the mother to my children.

To all of the handsome moms out there: you are good enough. My words can not be enough to thank her. She knew a lot more than you gave her credit for, particularly when you were growing up. Who you are matters. Even if you are not able to take her out that day or get flowers or a cake for her, even a well thought message can make up for the time being. You are absolutely mom enough. Celebrate the little victories. The carnations were to be worn by sons and daughters in honor of their own mothers and to represent the purity of a mother's love. So, be you. Just you.

But did you know that babies protect Mothers too?

As Mother's Day approaches, I wish a Happy Mother's Day to every mom out there! For all the sleepless nights I've given her I promise to give her a life that would enable her to sleep peacefully every night. So much love to you my beloved mother! This example is of a mother's love and persistence. We honor her, cherish her, and love her like she loved us all through the years. Silence the critics. Thank her for being her.

What if today, besides giving thanks to God for the women in our lives who are mothers, which we definitely must do, we also remembered, celebrated, prayed for, and held out an open hand to those who, like Jesus' mother Mary, have been caught off guard and surprised by the unexpected responsibility of parenting at an early age. Do something special for her and am sure she will never forget. From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone.