New update to make Google Assistant more life-like


Elsewhere, the firm has committed to using third party companies to help develop further connected services to install into its models. The move fully reflects the undeniable focus and effort that Google has in developing its computer vision, natural language, and neural network technologies.

The company has officially announced that the beta version of Android P operating system will be released for OnePlus 6 soon after the device is launched. But it's also showcasing how its AI is being used by developers to improve health care, preserve the environment and make new scientific discoveries. Instead, you will only do it once. However, the fun didn't stop there as Google made a rather surprising announcement.

Secondly, there are six new different Voices added to the Google Assistant.

Similarly, Google Lens will be combined with Google Search, and using its new AI capabilities, Lens will be able to recognize, see and augment the real world through a smartphone camera.

Google Duplex marks the key next step in the development of autonomous smart assistants.

Other changes in Android P include a new system navigation, created to take account of the increasingly tall phones that make one-hand use more hard. From its news product to Android, AI is going to be everywhere in the company's future.

First off, Android P introduces a new core interface with navigation gestures that can access functions typically buried in the interface or apps. It can also change the brightness of a device based on the user's brightness preference together with the ambient lighting. A single, clean-looking home button at the bottom of your screen will replace the usual home and recent buttons. Android P will come standard with a new feature called adaptive battery, which will conserve your phone battery life by predicting which apps you use often, and others you don't, by utilizing less CPU power. Some people are waving when their images appear on giant screens around the stage.

Fix the brightness of photos that are underexposed. It can show you just how many times you unlock it (constantly), check in on social media without even thinking about it (obviously) and spend hours mindlessly watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.