Captured Isis aide forced to snare fellow leaders


Iraqi agents are holding a top aide to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and used an app on his mobile phone to lure four commanders from the group into a trap, a security advisor to the Iraqi government said on Thursday.

"Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!". Jamal was shown on Iraqi state television on Wednesday night, wearing a yellow prison uniform.

The three-month operation, which tracked a group of senior ISIS leaders who had been hiding in Syria and Turkey, represents a significant intelligence victory for the US-led coalition fighting the extremist group and underscores the strengthening relationship between Washington and Baghdad.

The result of the three-month operation to capture the terrorist leaders, who had been hiding in Syria and Turkey, represents an important victory for the Iraqi and USA intelligence agencies.

The two Iraqi intelligence officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details that had not been made public.

Eithawi was first reported to have been captured in a town east of Istanbul in February, after being tracked entering Turkey from Syria under his brother's name. The list did not include Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Iraqis security forces, expats start voting in parliamentary elections.

Iraqi and United States intelligence spent several weeks interrogating Abu Zeid to acquire information about the location of the other leaders, who were in hiding.