Twitter "Secret Conversations" with end-to-end encryption in the works


Twitter may follow in WhatsApp's footsteps with plans to encrypt direct messages using a "Secret" feature, leaked code suggests.

Many popular social media platforms have introduced encrypted messaging features, including Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and Signal. Wong spotted the feature hidden within the Android application package (APK). Obviously, those who do not like Twitter or cannot wait for this feature to become available can simply go for Signal, WhatsApp, or another similar app already. Twitter is also providing the support for encryption keys, which make the feature more useful for the privacy savvy users.

The feature is reportedly called "secret conversation" and will appear in the "conversation info" section of an individual direct message. However unaffected by the recent developments, Twitter is now working on bringing an end-to-end encrypted, secret massaging feature for its platform.

Once a Secret conversation is started, the Encryption settings tab will give users the option to establish an 'encryption key, ' as well as manage your pre-shared keys. Users can also view encryption keys of themselves and a recipient.

Now direct messages on Twitter are now sent in plain text, meaning that anyone who has access to them on the internal network can read them. Its spokesperson has declined to comment, so we don't yet know whether the feature is presently being tested with some users, and when it'll launch globally.

Twitter is used by many journalists and politicians as their preferred communication platform.

Without encryption, messages are subject to being spied upon by governments, hackers or Twitter itself, TechCrunch noted. The company was urged to add the security measure by whistleblower Edward Snowden who directed a tweet to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asking for "burn-after-reading" DMs. That time, Dorsey said it was a reasonable request and that they will "think about it".