Richard Cordray Defeats Dennis Kucinich in Ohio Democratic Primary


Morrisey said he'll put his record of fighting the state's opioid epidemic up again the former governor's.

"Cameras are lined up", Nachama Soloveichik added, laughing. "These are tough guys". In fact, Blankenship ended up about 15 points behind victor Patrick Morrisey. Morrisey presents an excellent chance for Republicans to pick up this seat, although it's true that Manchin and his Democratic primary opponent got more votes than all the Republicans together.

While all three Senate nominees have vulnerabilities - there's much to explore in Braun's business history and his votes in the state legislature, Democrats said Tuesday night - they are all candidates the GOP can embrace.

"The people of our state are so special: we've done the heavy lifting and built the middle class". The fight she focussed on was over what kind of candidates get selected-what kind of leaders we want.

Speaking of Manchin, he may have more on his plate than just Morrisey. On one side, Turner said, there has been a pattern of ultra-wealthy candidates, able to spend their own money to clear the field, "whether it's Blankenship in West Virginia or Pritzker in Illinois"-she meant J. B. Pritzker, the billionaire who recently won the Democratic nomination for governor in that state". Republicans are vying to keep control of both chambers of Congress, even as Democrats have the public's favor in the generic ballot.

Blankenship was CEO of mine owner Massey Energy, whose Upper Big Branch mine in southern West Virginia exploded in April 2010.

Blankenship was still under supervised release when he launched his campaign.

The West Virginia seat, now held by Joe Manchin (D), is considered one of several seats now held by Democrats that are vulnerable this year. He urged support for Morrisey or Jenkins instead.

"There was only one truly conservative West Virginian in the race", Manchin said.

Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy who until recently was serving a yearlong sentence for a misdemeanor conviction over his involvement in the deadliest USA mine explosion in four decades, spent millions of his own money on the race, going up with television ads even before he was a candidate.

He said his future includes travel. "All your name calling won't stop me from fighting those who want to cheat OH families".

"I'm gonna win either way tonight". He possessed all the glittering qualities except, alas, the crucial support of the president himself, who recommended a vote for either of his opponents. Trump won IN by 19 points.

Morrisey is the first Republican to serve as attorney general in West Virginia since 1933, his campaign website boasts.

"The president's standing with independent voters is pretty poor, and whoever is running in November is going to need those independent voters".

Other candidates included Tom Willis, with 13,456 votes or 9.82 percent; Bo Copley with 4,235 voted for 3.09 percent, and Jack Newbrough with 4,092 votes for 2.99 percent.

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Now Morrisey has his sights set on the U.S. Senate.

Polls have closed in West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina.

Asked if he thinks Morrisey can beat incumbent a Democratic Sen.

Educators and their supporters across West Virginia pledged to "Remember in November" the state lawmakers who held out on the raise they demanded this winter during the teacher strike. In none of those was the margin greater than in West Virginia.

Morrisey filed a number of suits against the federal Environmental Protection Agency, including joining 11 other states to challenge the EPA's proposal to regulate coal-fired power plants.

A state senator and a former Ohio Supreme Court justice also competed.