Microsoft's new feature lets you access your phone from your PC


Microsoft is in the process of rolling out its Windows 10 April update to users around the globe. Microsoft has issued patches for Windows 7, 8.x, and 10, as well as in Windows Server.

Also arriving in the preview build are some additional hints of Microsoft's Fluent Design System such as the acrylic title bar in Sets.

Microsoft Edge browser tabs now show in Alt + Tab mode - a new feature in Sets that was detailed earlier this week - if you don't like this, you can turn it off from Multitasking Settings. Muting tabs in Sets is now possible with Microsoft letting users to mute audio from a webpage by clicking on the volume icon visible on the tab. Tabs have been improved to use no resources in the background unless you switch to them. As it now stands, Fluent Design is clearly a very touch-oriented interface, with large controls and lots of whitespace, making it challenging to build and design very complex applications with lots of options, buttons, and controls.

Microsoft will be adding something new, a command bar flyout that basically will show you inline tools and options, making the access efficient while also saving the space at the top where such options are now present. You will be able to now pin the items from the clipboard along with being able to directly paste from the clipboard history. Similar to how the Windows Timeline or Sets function, Microsoft pointed out that users can access this clipboard across any Windows-powered PC running this version of Windows or higher.

Meanwhile Gill Langston, director of product management at Qualys feels that system admins need to prioritise patching of user-facing assets first, with a focus on OS, browser patches, and Office to resolve scripting engine vulnerabilities. The clipboard history supports plain text, HTML and images which are less than 1MB in size. This was the most requested feature by the Windows Insiders and Microsoft has finally adhered to their request. The mode will appear when you visit Settings Personalization Colors and select the dark interface. And, the built supports Unix/Linux line endings and Macintosh line endings.

Additionally, Microsoft now lets you give folders you create in the Start menu a name. All it requires is dragging one tile on top of another.

There is also a notable fix for a vulnerability in Exchange server you may want to review and deploy as well.

Talking about the clipboards, Microsoft is adding cloud functionality to the Windows settings the path for which is Settings = System = Clipboard.