One Man Holds Record for "Most Big Macs Consumed!"


An American man has eaten his 30,000th Big Mac this week, in the same McDonald's restaurant where he first tasted the sandwich in back in 1972.

The Wisconsin man celebrated his achievement at the McDonald's on Military Road in Fond Du Lac.

On top of that, McDonald's United States of America headquarters said: "We are lovin' Don Gorske's enthusiasm for our iconic Big Mac sandwich and appreciate his ongoing loyalty". He's eaten at least one nearly every day, since May 17, 1972.

Gorske says he's eaten so many because he just loves hamburgers. The first time, he drove to McDonald's during a snowstorm and discovered it was closed. On the day that McDonald's founder Ray Kroc died in 1984, Don ate Big Mac number 5,978.

When McDonald's debuted the Grand Mac and Big Mac Jr. sandwiches a year ago, Gorske handed out bottles of Big Mac sauce to the lucky first customers at a McDonald's restaurant in Wauwatosa. USA Today reports that he has thousands of receipts, sandwich wrappers, and containers.

Nick Bohr, a reporter for WISN, an ABC affiliate in Milwaukee, documented Gorske's 30,000th Big Mac.

How many Big Macs you might ask?

He says although he does not work out, he stays busy all day long due to his hyperactive personality.

If he continues at the pace he's been eating, Don predicts that he'll eat his 40,000th Big Mac in 2032, when he'll be 78. "You can not take Big Macs in front of the inmates", he said. Copies of his medical records from the years 1997, 2003, and 2011 showed cholesterol levels below the recommended threshold. His levels were at 160, 150 and 165. "I've got thousands of cartons with game pieces on there, and if I got a auto, that's just too bad". I have a cholesterol of 160. "I spend a lot in the summer time going for walks", he said in February.