More Women Accuse Rose; Some Say They Alerted CBS Managers


Three women, including two who used to work for Charlie Rose and one, still being a part of CBS staff, filed a lawsuit against the former CBS anchorman.

Rose repeatedly asked Harris and McNeal about their sex lives and urged the two to have sex with each other, the lawsuit says.

Former CBS news associate Yuqing "Chelsea" Wei, former broadcast associate Katherine Brooks Harris and Rose's former executive assistant Sydney McNeal claim the network never tried to protect them, despite having known about Rose's inappropriate behavior for years.

In November, The Washington Post reported on allegations of eight women who said Rose sexually harassed them at his namesake PBS program.

The suit also accuses Mr. Kadro of harassment, saying that at one point past year he "kicked and shoved Ms. Wei's chair with substantial force, startling, intimidating and scaring Ms. Wei".

The three women claim Rose had a nasty side, berating them for booking the incorrect flights and calling them idiots.

Marcy McGinnis, who was senior vice president of newsgathering at CBS News when she left in 2005, said she didn't know Rose but knew he had a reputation as a "ladies man".

He also whispered, "Happy birthday, dear" into her ear in a sexual manner, the lawsuit states. Rose also placed "his hands on her thighs and [kissed]" McNeal on the cheek as well, the lawsuit alleges. Rose reveal their stories it becomes clear, that the future may bring other lawsuits against the former CBS star. Rose his job as a host [VIDEO] of "CBS This Morning" and an on-the-scene reporter for "60 Minutes". CBS "did not investigate the complaint, and did not take any remedial action", the lawsuit alleges.

In the suit, Ms. Wei, an assistant, said she expressed concerns a year ago to the current executive producer of "CBS This Morning", Ryan Kadro, about the amount of attention that Mr.

The retaliation component of the lawsuit stems from Wei's account that she was removed from her position as an anchor assistant several months after she filed a complaint with CBS human resources on November 30, just days after Rose was sacked. The lawsuit also accuses CBS executives of failing to warn the employees about Rose's history of sexual misconduct. Her complaint included allegations against Kadro, whom she said kicked her chair as a show of intimidation.

CBS News did not immediately respond to a request for comment. She is now on medical leave, according to the suit.

The women's attorney, Ken Goldberg, of the Manhattan firm Goldberg & Fliegel, said his clients have a strong claim under New York City Human Rights law, which he describes in the lawsuit as one of the "broadest and most protective laws against discrimination in the nation".

The lawsuit alleges that Rose subjected the three women to verbal sexual harassment, unlawful physical touching and sexual advances.

In the following three decades, three CBS managers had been made aware of the complaints, according to the Post investigation.