In the United States unmanned vehicle is involved in an accident


"Today while testing our self-driving vehicle in Chandler, Arizona, another auto traveling in an oncoming lane swerved across the median and struck our minivan", Waymo told SlashGear in a statement this evening.

This isn't the first self-driving auto accident for Waymo. In this case a driver was on board and was injured in the accident. As the Honda swerved, it entered the westbound lanes of Chandler Boulevard and ended up hitting the Waymo minivan.

Though Waymo had said that thorough checking and testing of the vehicles without any safety drivers in Arizona, this vehicle was not one of those.

As per the reports, the Sedan was travelling eastwards and had swerved with the Waymo van by entering inyo the westbound lanes in the process of avoiding itself from intersecting with another auto. Google began testing self-driving cars in 2009.

The video released by Waymo is taken from front-facing camera sensors mounted in the vehicle. According to preliminary data, the initiator of the accident was another vehicle.

According to the local authorities of Chandler, Arizona, the Waymo self-driving van was hit by a sedan, which attempted to avoid another collision.

The driver behind the wheel of the Waymo minivan sustained minor injuries, Tyler said, but he could not confirm whether the other driver had injuries.

Video from the scene showed both vehicles on flatbed tow trucks, CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV reports. For now, it seems like the autonomous vehicle was not directly responsible for the crash. The incident was the first death involving a fully autonomous vehicle.