Rosen revises: 3 'mistakes' picked ahead of me


New Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen has always been a starter. he was a star in high school, which led to his being the nation's No. 1 recruit and he committed to UCLA.

"This is an unbelievable team that is really prime and set to do some incredible things in the future and I think I lucked out", said Rosen. I have families, I have kids, and if I don't play well and I don't pan out, people have to get new jobs.

"All I wanted to do was basically get on a plane right then and go straight to Arizona and start working".

And he will forever be compared to the three quarterbacks taken ahead of him.

"I'm very real", he said. Let me ask you a question, Josh Rosen, when somebody knocks you upside your head or caves your chest in to the point where you are gasping for air because a grown man puts you down, what does that have to do with anything?

Rosen was not shy on Thursday night about where he though he should have been selected. I'm going to come in and I'm going to be respectful. "I didn't try to put on a show, which is why I think I'm a ideal fit here". The echoes of 2005 were strong, made only more so by the fact that Rosen and Rodgers have bonded in recent months, just a couple of California-native quarterbacks known for their brains, . "I'm just going to encourage people to speak their mind and have opinions, and shape those opinions, have those opinions, have a conversation. I didn't try to put on a show, which is why I think I'm a flawless fit here". I'm not sure every single one of those guys is a MISTAKE, but I would be willing to bet that Rosen ends up being more valuable than at least half of them within the next five years.

As Rosen explained it, "I think the best word to describe him, and what I try to emulate is, he's a 'dude.' He's just the dude. I wouldn't have left college early if I didn't think I was ready for it".

The media and fans have discussed and dissected Rosen's personality at length leading up to the NFL Draft.

Rosen said he's learning a lot from Rodgers. God forbid something happened to Brett next year. - Rodgers comments are a lot more calm and measured than Rosen. They got their franchise quarterback and he got a free chip on his shoulder to come in and prove everyone wrong.