In Israel, nine teenagers get killed due to a flash flood


An Israeli rescue and recovery organisation Zaka reported the fatalities. Authorities mounted a large rescue effort and deployed military and police helicopters in the search for the remaining teenager, but the operation was suspended by nightfall due to heavy thunderstorms.

Three people have been arrested in Israel in connection with the deaths of 10 young hikers in flash floods during a programme to prepare them for military service, police said Friday.

The academy's principal is reportedly one of two staff members who have been detained on suspicion of death by negligence. She said the police had posted roadblocks in many areas warning of danger but could not be expected to close off every river in the country.

"We all pray for better news", he added.

Israeli media said that eight of those killed were women and it was reported that another hiker is still missing. "We will keep going until we find them all", she said earlier, when several of the students were being treated as missing.

Unusually heavy rainfall has plagued the region over the past two days, causing the horrific tragedy.

"Our prayers and thoughts are with our brothers, our children, and our loved ones who are in trouble". We're following the situation in the south closely and are sending a warm embrace to the effected families.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident a "terrible disaster" in a statement on Twitter and praised the first responders.

On Wednesday, a teenage Bedouin and a Palestinian girl also died in flash floods that hit Israel and Palestinian territories. We will strengthen all the security and rescue forces, who are in the process of search and rescue and medical treatment.