Top NFL draft prospect apologises after racist tweets surface


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The Cleveland Browns, who own the number one pick in this year's draft, are reported to be considering Allen as the top pick.

Just hours before National Football League teams make their selections for the 2018 draft in Dallas, Allen scrambled to apologise for the posts, saying he was "young and dumb" when he wrote them in 2012-2013, according to ESPN. However, they contained racial slurs and other offensive language, according to Yahoo!

No matter the story's genesis, the tweets have put a damper on what should've been a time of celebration, Allen said.

Many will defend Allen for being a teenager who simply did not know better and never expected these tweets, from 2011-13, to be read by a national audience.

Allen acknowledged and apologized for the tweets late Wednesday night, telling ESPN's Stephen A. Smith they were the product of immaturity and youthful ignorance.

He also responded to a question that looks like was asked of him on AskFM in 2013, saying "If it ain't white, it ain't right!" an apparent reference to a line from the popular television sitcom "Modern Family".

Wyoming coach Craig Bohl says Allen had "great relationships with his teammates and our fan base" and Allen "embraced diversity" while at Wyoming. Wyche reports that Cleveland Browns' consultant, former 49ers and Redskins' general manager Scot McCloughan, has been a supporter of Mayfield since the fall.