Snap's Second-Get Spectacles Bring Welcome Improvements Over Troubled Predecessor


Snapchat creator Snap today released a new version of its Spectacles glasses.

In terms of design, the updated Spectacles look pretty much the same except that it is now noticeably slimmer.

The new Spectacles are now available in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France, which are its four biggest markets. The device will be available in more locations on May 3.

Snap's back with Spectacles, round two. And third is that they are now safe to take into the water. The company purportedly only sold roughly 150,000 units and lost $40 million United States dollars as a result.

Aside from that, Snap's new Spectacles have been redesigned to be more comfortable when you wear them. $149.99, $20 more expensive than the originals, but the new features do help to make up for the difference.

And yes, that's the other big change: Spectacles are no longer an elusive piece of tech that sent journalists and Snapchat fans running around the country. The first generation of the product was widely considered to be a big failure, but it remains to be seen whether the company can learn from its mistakes and deliver a piece of merchandise that actually gains traction rather than fizzling out nearly immediately. The company even added a second microphone to the camera, so users should also expect better audio quality.

Before you click Buy, though, consider that we've already seen reports of a $300 model that could come as early as 2019.

Water resistance in the V2 is meant for rainy days and "shallow water".

First and foremost, the camera's design needed work. The price includes the case and the charger for the glasses. As for the second version of Spectacles, certain features will come into play like dual cameras and Global Positioning System navigation. Press the button to record one 10-second video, press again to keep recording for up to 30 seconds, and press and hold to take a photo. The case, which also doubles as a charger, is also splash proof. But unlike the previous model, which only allowed you to record video, the new Spectacles support both photos and video.

Snapchat's rumored second-generation Spectacles are officially a thing. They'll be available May 3rd in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Ireland.