Twitter meltdown: Princess Charlotte steals the show at brother's birth


But, these concerns proved unfounded as Princess Charlotte lavished the media attention.

The youngster normally attends Willcocks nursery, close to Kensington Palace.

It's the same hospital where Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born, and where Diana gave birth to both William and Harry.

And now, just under three years later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge step out with their third child, a son, who has yet to be named.

But another day has passed in the United Kingdom and there is still no word, breaking a tradition for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte's names being revealed two days after their births.

NBC's Kelly Cobiella was there in London when Prince William and his wife, Kate, introduced their son to the world.

Her Majesty The Queen was the first to be notified of the birth.

The couple welcomed their bonny baby boy at 11.01am, weighing in at a healthy 3.83kg - which makes him not only the biggest bub in the family (George weighed 3.79kg and Charlotte 3.71kg), but he's also the biggest baby born to an heir in 100 years.

The name of the new baby will be announced in a few days time. William's brother, Prince Harry, is now sixth.

Just over an hour after George and Charlotte's arrival, the public had a chance to meet the little royal prince himself when William and Kate exited the hospital with the newborn in Kate's arms.

The new baby will take it's place as fifth in line to the throne, after granddad Charles, dad William, and older siblings George and Charlotte.

While four-year-old George has already experienced adjusting to a sibling, it will be Charlotte, who is almost three, who will need to get used to no longer being the baby of the family.

Holding on tight to his fathers hand, Prince George was a little more reserved than his sister.

According to a royal photographer, an ideal photo when Middleton leaves the hospital after delivering the new baby would be capturing the family of five.