Madonna loses legal battle to stop auction of Tupac break-up letter


However, despite her objections, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits on Monday ruled that the auction ould proceed, including for the letter, which went for a starting bid of $100,000 when it was first listed previous year. The items were up for sale by auction house, Gotta Have Rock and Roll but it was taken down after Madonna sought for an injunction on sale in July.

Madonna failed to stop her longtime friend and auctioneer Darlene Lutz to stop the sale, which was stopped temporarily pending the outcome of the matter. I never gave this letter away.

Madonna said in court filings that she was not aware that numerous items, including the letter from Shakur, were no longer in her possession, Reuters reported.

Madonna too just recently made a revelation about her secret affair with Tupac.

Whilst Gotta Have It! online auction house co-owner Ed Kosinski added: "It's a clear-cut victory for us". The rapper wrote her the letter from jail in 1995 and included details of their breakup. While there's little to no evidence of their love affair, there is a break-up letter that Tupac wrote to Madge that's about to hit the auction block despite efforts from Madonna to keep that from happening.

She also said: "The fact that I have attained celebrity status as a result of success in my career does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy, including with regard to highly personal items".

If you've still got your cash saved up from the last time the letter was briefly up for sale, you'll have another chance to put down a bid when the letter goes back up for sale in July.

He also pointed to an apparent release Madonna had signed in 2004 after settling a dispute with Lutz over some artwork, which banned the pop superstar from taking future legal action. "We were confident that Madonna had no claim whatsoever, and the judge clearly agreed with us".

Lawyers for Madonna did not return calls for comment.