Karen McDougal freed from contract silencing her on alleged Trump affair


The settlement now frees McDougal to speak publicly about the alleged affair, which she told CNN involved intimacy with Trump "many dozens of times".

Because of the settlement AMI just reached today with McDougal, they don't have to turn over any internal documents, at least in regards to this particular case. The model filed a lawsuit in March to invalidate the contract, however, claiming that the agreement was created to silence and intimidate her.

Ex-Playboy model, Karen McDougal has been freed from the contract which forced to keep her silent against the United States president Donald Trump's alleged affair with her.

As far as McDougal's alleged relationship with Trump is concerned, it reportedly began in 2006 after they met at a Playboy event during the taping of "The Apprentice".

Just days before the election, The Wall Street Journal published details of the deal with America Media that paid McDougal for the story, then killed it. However, McDougal says she eventually ended the relationship because she felt guilty about seeing Trump because he was married to his current wife Melania. McDougal is also satisfied with the outcome, saying she's "relieved to be able to tell the truth about my story when asked".

McDougal's lawsuit against the Enquirer, and the resulting settlement, means the former model will be allowed to talk openly about the alleged affair without fear of legal repercussions. The company also retains the rights to photographs of McDougal that it already has. She'll give the company a portion of her earnings if she sells her story within a year, with a maximum ceiling of $75,000.

According to her, Trump paid for her flight and hotels, offered money after the first time they slept together, and he made sure to never to leave a paper trail.

McDougal's suit alleged that the publisher purchased exclusive rights to her story in August 2016 for $150,000 with an agreement to promote her as a fitness specialist. Cameron Stracher, general counsel for AMI, said the company intends for McDougal to appear on the September 2018 issue of the magazine.

AMI added an amendment to the contract after the election to allow McDougal to respond to legitimate news inquiries.

The settlement also granted AMI the ability to publish any articles about McDougal "in the normal course of its journalism", AMI said.

In a separate interview, Ms. McDougal expressed elation about the end of her "wild ride", and said she now had no plans to sell the rights to her story to a new buyer.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News.