Former New York Mayor Giuliani joins Trump legal team


"What I did for New York City, Donald Trump will do for America", he said.

Giuliani and Trump spoke on Thursday about legal strategy moving forward, along with Sekulow, whom Giuliani described as a "good friend". It was one of the most politic things Rudy Giuliani has said in a long time.

Trump has had difficulty acquiring legal help.

The new additions to the president's legal team follow on the departure of his former lead outside attorney in the Russian Federation investigation, John Dowd.

Other lawyers joining the president's personal defense team include Jane Serene Raskin and Marty Raskin.

"I think this New York Times story, Bill, I think you're onto something", Heilemann suggested. His legal team has been told by Mueller that the president is not a target of the investigation, suggesting he's not in imminent criminal jeopardy.

Former federal prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg said Giuliani could benefit Trump more on the public relations front, rather than on the nuances of the legal fight.

Trump expressed his displeasure over Mueller's work again as recently as on Wednesday, April 18, saying "this is a hoax" made up by the Democrats and that the USA was "hopefully coming to the end".

But the President's team has expressed similar optimism in the past, only to be angered and disappointed when their expectations didn't pan out.

The former New York City mayor, who was a key Trump supporter, during the 2016 election will leave his law firm Greenberg Traurig to join the president's legal team.

Discussions with Mueller's team have been in "limbo", since then, according to a source with knowledge.

After Trump's victory, Giuliani was offered a cybersecurity advisory role, despite his name being floated for much higher profile Cabinet positions like secretary of state. "Can't say I didn't try!" says the man who would become president about the man who is now his attorney. "I have no idea how it could have slipped my mind", he said. The veteran Republican was also a top justice department official in the Ronald Reagan administration.

He hopes the addition of Giuliani silences his critics.

He claimed firing Mueller would prolong the investigation, which is not what the president wants. He predicted that compliance could be completed in "a couple of weeks". He and Giuliani are known to speak on the phone and hit the links together. "He needs white-collar support", the source said.

"In addition to the conventional wisdom that Cohen poses great jeopardy to Donald Trump, that's built on another conventional wisdom, which is Michael Cohen is guilty of a lot of things and he is nearly certainly going to flip on Donald Trump", guest host John Heilemann analyzed. Giuliani, meanwhile, faithfully made the rounds on television defending Trump. Giuliani used his political contacts in Washington to seek a dismissal of the case through diplomatic means, going outside the judicial process.

And even before launching his crackdown on street crime, Giuliani was revered (and sometimes reviled) as a crusading U.S. attorney in NY. "I know everybody involved, maybe they'll trust me". "I got fired before it was finished". Trump was impressed with their expertise and approved their hiring. "It's something we take very seriously", Comey said on CNN.

Giuliani has always been supportive of Trump politically, often appearing as a surrogate for the campaign on cable news leading up to the 2016 election.

Many lawyers at top U.S. firms have declined offers to join the president's legal team, including prominent partners at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher and Winston & Strawn.

"I think it is accountability mechanism working and they should work because it's not acceptable in the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Justice Department for people to lack candor".