Rumor: Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Being Tested


Venturebeat are reporting that DICE are now working on a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 5, or Battlefield 2, or whatever it will be called.

Quick, pick a side in Fortnite vs. PUBG, because the field's about to get a lot more crowded.

A battle royale mode is being prototyped and tested within "Battlefield V", the latest entry in Electronic Arts' air, land and sea combat game, according to a VentureBeat report.

DICE is investigating how a massive, last player-standing mode would work with its current mechanics. Existing battle royale shooters have tens of millions of players, and Fortnite has even reached the nexus where gaming meets wider pop-culture icons like the rapper Drake, who is a huge fan of Epic Games free-to-play battler. Grubb reached out to EA for any comments on this report but they declined.

Tentatively titled Battlefield V, the first person shooter is expected to arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year, with a reported World War II setting. But don't expect to drop onto an island with 99 other players when Battlefield V launches this fall.

As much as Battlefield fans might not like the idea of DICE spending time developing for this incredibly popular genre, you can't necessarily blame it for at least trying. If there's money to be made or a trend to be followed, EA won't be far behind.

Although the mode is said to be only in the prototyping stage at the moment, VentureBeat has it that the game mode will likely be a part of the next Battlefield game.

In fact, the source claims that EA could still cancel the prototype, keep it for the following Battlefield or next Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, or spin it off into its own game.