Samsung Galaxy S10 to feature 3D sensing camera, in-display fingerprint scanner


One interesting fact to point out is that, prior to the Galaxy S9 release, the iPhone X took the top spot for camera quality - beating out other Galaxy devices to reign supreme when it came to picture quality. Given Apple's twisted want to push its handset costs more than one thousand dollars for a notched screen, Samsung could get a considerable measure of business with a mid-extend notched cell phone for the majority.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Red Bull Ring Pack Limited Edition is exclusively available via Vodafone in Netherlands. This is completely understandable as Samsung is looking to add a 6.4-inch screen on the Galaxy Note 9.

Powering the phablet is a Qualcomm SnapDragon 835 processor coupled with 6GB of RAM. The USP of the Galaxy Note 8, in addition, is also its S-Pen stylus. Above the screen you'll notice a small rectangular cutout with the phone's front camera, earpiece and other sensors. The dual camera system, in addition to allowing for wide angle and 2X zoom photos, also comes with a feature called Live Focus that allows for fancy portrait shots, in real time. That probably explains why the first meaningful Galaxy S10 rumor is already here, sharing various details about the next-gen smartphone well ahead of the expected Galaxy S10 rumor season. It also changes the Always-On Display on the device.

The last thing that Samsung has finalized for the Galaxy S10 is that it will feature a 3D-sensing camera co-developed by the Israeli startup Mantis Vision and supported by camera component maker Woodgate.

OnePlus has even gone as far as to announce that the OnePlus 6 will include a software trick to let users disguise the notch on that phone, which really doesn't sound like much of a commitment to the new look.

While there have been leaks in the past regarding Samsung devices featuring a redesign, it appears the S10 won't be dramatically different from its predecessor. It's been trying to flawless the technology for years.