Road ahead for Facebook post Cambridge Analytica data breach


Did he tell everything he knew?

The social media platform was as ready as ever to provide a slew of snarky memes dragging Zuckerberg's throughout his two-day testimony before Congress over the Facebook's use of user data.

SELYUKH: It was a lot less fanfare but a lot more knowledgeable, concise focused questions, a more hostile environment, I would say, for Zuckerberg.

We'd be pretty concerned about losing almost 20 million sets of eyeballs on ads, but according to Tech.pinions, those numbers might not even have Facebook anxious.

Well, that will be quite a pile of work for Zuckerberg and his team, if he meant what he said.

That is, if we don't want to have another Cambridge Analytica on our hands. And on Tuesday, it announced the launch of Data Abuse Bounty, a reward for people who turn in app developers that are misusing data.

Facebook will investigate "tens of thousands" of apps to discover if any other companies have accessed data in a similar way to Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg has told United States politicians.

Speaking in the wake of a scandal over the massive leak of data to a British political consultant, Zuckerberg reiterated that the company had shut down the pipeline that allowed such data, including his own, to slip into the hands of third parties.

IT SHOULD not have taken Cambridge Analytica to remind us that algorithms can have an insidious influence.

The Facebook founder was unable to answer about what data was mined for security purposes and if that data was sold.

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How effective is Facebook's "Bug Bounty program", in combating harmful transfer of data, in addition to identifying unauthorized access to data. Why doesn't the government start there, and implement similar rules in the U.S.?

"Zuckerberg is conciliatory but firmly holding the stance of Facebook and its business model, which is sending a bullish message to the Street", Ives says.

Details on the data Facebook gave to Russian Federation. This happens as it crawls through your web activities even outside Facebook by storing cookies in your browser. He noted that larger companies like Facebook have more resources to comply with regulations than small startups.

Also, whether Facebook keeps a backup version of your data after account shutdown.

"The only way we're going to close this trust gap is through legislation that creates and empowers a sufficiently resourced expert oversight agency, with rulemaking authority to protect the digital privacy and ensure that companies protect our users' data".

Yet, when asked if his data had been improperly used, he replied: "Yes".

Still, Zuckerberg conceded in a press briefing prior to his recent testimonies in Washington, D.C that despite not noticing a significant drop in Facebook users, the recent scandals are "not good".

Whether Facebook is a politically neutral public forum. Facebook had already come under fire for its role in the proliferation of fake news on the platform during the 2016 election.

Lawmakers were at times aggressive Tuesday as they accused Zuckerberg of failing to protect the personal information of millions of Americans from Russians intent on upsetting the US election.

That code then reports back to Facebook on your surfing habits to help it better target ads.

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