Cambridge Analytica denies illegal usage of Indian data


Responding to questions from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Zuckerberg said his personal data was also part of the data collected and leaked to Cambridge Analytica through the This Is Your Digital Life applicaiton. Blackburn asked Zuckerberg as he testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He's less willing to talk about how or if you can decide what advertisers and marketers see when you log in to Facebook in the first place. However, as the hearing progressed it exposed how out of touch these old-wig politicians are when it comes to understanding the basic concepts behind Facebook and its "data harvesting" business model. "I think that's something Americans should be proud of". "But overall, I think that the ads experience is going to be the best one".

"At the same time, the hashtag "#DeleteFacebook" has trended following the Cambridge Analytica, and you may even personally know people who zapped their Facebook account.

But there was a glaring lack of challenge to one argument that underpinned much of Zuckerberg's defense of his company, which is that it has always had a central mission of connectivity and community.

Wednesday's hearing generally relied less on scolding Zuckerberg for Facebook's privacy violations - as he saw in Tuesday's Senate hearings - and mostly addressed promises to fix the problems.

But then, as a result of Facebook's meteoric rise, Zuckerberg fell into the role of world leader - a man whose actions have massive implications on global politics and culture.

Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey, the committee's top ranking Democrat, sounded pessimistic that Congress will pass anything. He asked Zuckerberg to confirm whether or not those reports are true, and Zuckerberg seemed to punt the question, saying, "Senator, I want to make sure I get this accurate, so it might be better to have my team follow up". Whether it was some senator's question or Zuckerberg's robotic expressions or his acceptance of Facebook's faults or his claim that they will do everything they can in order to stop violating the data privacy of individuals. He served as technology and economic policy adviser in the Obama White House, and until recently was United States privacy and public policy adviser for Facebook.

Facebook is implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard for European users next month, and some of its rules will be extended to U.S. and other users later, he confirmed.

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"It strikes me that there's a real trust gap here". This developer data issue is just one example.

"Would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?"

Mr Zuckerberg replied: "Respectfully I disagree with that characterisation".

The Facebook chief also faced fresh accusations from Republican congressman Steve Scalise that the News Feed's algorithm was discriminating against conservative news and content in favour of liberal posts.

Facebook shares have been battered by concern that a string of controversies could tempt Congress to introduce profit-crimping regulation.

"That goes for fake news, for interference in elections and we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and I'm sorry", the Facebook CEO said. Over the two days, the value of Zuckerberg's stake in the company grew about $3 billion.

"What we found now is that there's a whole programme associated with Cambridge University where. there were a number of other researchers building similar apps", Mr Zuckerberg said. "It's pretty much impossible to start a company in your dorm room and grow it to our size without making some mistakes", he equivocated, and while that may be true, the earlier line from his prepared statement wasn't exactly, as many on the Internet were quick to point out.

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