The Undertaker Returns And Makes Quick Work Of John Cena At Wrestlemania


Undertaker will obviously be in New Orleans to confront Cena.

At 53, Undertaker showed his athleticism is still there by taking Cena Old School, before hitting him with a legdrop. The "Fear Nothing" campaign breaks today with three:30 cable TV and online video spots for their Armor All Original Protectant, Ultra Shine Wash Wipes and new line of Car Air Fresheners.

WWE officials had a very good reason to keep the match between John Cena and The Deadman short. "So when they reached out, it just made sense".

The Undertaker came out and destroyed Cena in a match at WrestleMania 34.

But when the lights went out on one more time, and the trenchcoat, hat and gloves Taker left in the ring a year ago appeared in the ring, business picked up. Why is Cena stuck in a corner floor section instead of sitting in the front row?

With no response from the Phenom in the build-up, Cena sat in the crowd for the event, drinking his beer and enjoying the action.

The Undertaker struck fear into Cena's eyes as he stepped into the ring.

We all knew the 16-time world champion wouldn't stay in his seat for long, though, and it was always only going to be a matter of time before he came face-to-face with the man he has repeatedly called out in recent weeks, The Undertaker.

Then a WWE referee approached Cena, telling him to prepare for something. A frustrated Cena was about to leave when the lights went off.

A frustrated Cena took out his anger on Elias delivering You Can't See Me and Attitude Adjustment to him.