'Kim Jong-un Discusses Summits at Workers' Party Meeting'


Tuesday's dispatch, published by the North's official Korean Central News Agency, said that Kim had "made a report on the development of the recent situation on the Korean peninsula" during the meeting of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea's Politburo on Monday. Among them, Pyongyang demanded that the United States declare it will not launch American nuclear weapons from South Korean soil. Moon Jae-in, South Korea's president, has been enjoying high popularity in his home country, in part due to his ratcheting down of tensions with the Communist regime in Pyongyang.

If the Kim-Trump summit does take place, many remain skeptical about the whether a meeting between the two notoriously unpredictable leaders can succeed.

"Kim Jong Un has been shifting from the military-dominated emergency system to a normal party-dominant system", said Professor Yang Moo-jin at the University of North Korean Studies.

That appears to clear the way for talks among Mr. Trump - who's resisted his counterpart "Little Rocket gentleman" both - and Mr. Kim, whose pursuit of nuclear missiles capable of reaching the United States has accelerated during the first 15 months of Mr. Trump's administration.

Trump has agreed to meet Kim for a historic US-North Korean summit to discuss denuclearisation as soon as next month.

Whether or not Kim had genuinely offered to discuss dismantling his nuclear program was a key question surrounding his offer to meet Trump, made in March and conveyed to the US via a South Korean envoy. During previous negotiations under different US administrations, the North has agreed to freeze its nuclear weapons program in exchange for the lifting of worldwide economic sanctions, only to violate the agreement by testing more weapons.

During Monday's key party meeting, Kim also explained "the strategic and tactical issues to be maintained by the WPK including the future policy of worldwide relations and the orientation corresponding to them", KCNA said without elaborating on further details. The U.S. later heard from other countries including China, where Kim paid a rare visit, that the North was serious about the offer.

USA media reported that USA and North Korean intelligence officials have spoken several times with a focus on nailing down a location for the summit.

He blamed previous administrations for allowing the relationship with North Korea to get to a crisis point, or failing to negotiate an end to a nuclear program that targets the United States. Even after Kim visited Beijing, there was no mention of the same came up.

It is scheduled to take place without the months of groundwork that usually precedes such meetings.

But many in Washington seem to have another misguided assumption about those talks, analysts here say.

Beyond that, a detailed agenda for the talks will need to be set.