Snapchat adds group video feature to stories


SNAPCHAT is adding group video calls for up to 16 friends to its line-up of chat features as part of a major update.

As Snapchat described in its blog post, video chat can make texting "even more fun".

If those features seem familiar, you only need look to Snapchat's biggest rival to work out where you've seen them before. Once you hit the video camera icon, all of your friends in the chat thread will be invited to join the call. In the latest update, Snapchat's adding group video calls and the ability to tag friends in your stories.

On Tuesday, the social media firm rolled out two new ways for users to communicate - group video chat and a tagging tool.

Tap the video icon to start a live group video call, or tap the phone button to start a voice chat. Users will also be able to filter Snapchat lenses over their faces, like the epochal rainbow vomiting mouth or puppy dog ears. Voice-only calls can contain up to 32 participants. The app now lets you mention other Snapchat users within your snaps, which will have users discover new mutual friends through snaps.

Both features are set to roll out in the next week. You'll be notified in chat if you'be been tagged in a friend's story. Last month, singer Rihanna criticized Snapchat for an offensive advertisement that appeared on its app.

After seeing its best features cloned by Facebook for years, Snapchat is turning the tables and introducing features to its app that its competitor had first. Internal reports have also shown users spend more time on Snap than Instagram. What do you think of these new features? The chat tool also feels a lot like an app already popular with younger generations: Houseparty. Now you can spill the tea to everyone at once, and see their reactions, via Snapchat.