Uprising Event to Kick Off on April 10th


Last year's event chronicled a major event in Overwatch history, and gamers are hoping that this year's version of Uprising will also focus on a pivotal point in the multiplayer shooter's lore. With less than 2 weeks left until the start of the event, Overwatch players won't have to wait long to find out exactly what Blizzard has in plan.

The Overwatch Uprising event will return on April 10, according to a teaser video that contains secret clues to what gamers can expect from this year's version.

Since its debut, Overwatch has brought players back into the fold regularly through a series of limited time events, and now the Overwatch Uprising event will seemingly make its way back into the game in time for spring.

While Overwatch has repeated events before (such as Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and the Lunar New Year) they've always added new things that changed how the event was played out the year before. It also gives those that missed out on the previous event a chance to earn those skins that they have previously missed out on. "File 00382 - King's Row Uprising" appears to change to what fans believe says "File 00274 - Blackwatch Archives".

The game's official Twitter page tweeted a teaser of its return and #Blizzard Entertainment streamed a new trailer featuring event-only skins and missions. The event itself will begin April 10th, which will take place within the map King's Row (shocker, right?). The photo ops will also, of course, come with a 360-degree panoramic stage where you can take a picture on one of Overwatch's arena maps. Blackwatch worked along Overwatch and helped carry out missions, but the information stops there.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.