Stephen Colbert Takes on Mark Zuckerberg, Proposes A Revamped Facebook


The host then explained that CNN had published an article about Dana Carvey's impression of John Bolton on the previous night's show, but made a grave mistake in its reporting. Speaking about the alleged affair between Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels, Colbert finds it unusual that Trump has been oddly quiet over the matter. "He does and she seems happier with him", Colbert said. I apologize! Donald Trump is a great president!

In the wake of Facebook coming under fire after it was revealed Cambridge Analytica was able to obtain private data from over 50 million Facebook users, The Late Show's Stephen Colbert is ready to rectify the situation.

"I take everything back".

CNN should have known his show was not "Saturday Night Live" because the segment had aired on a Wednesday, the late night host mocked.

Colbert also noted that, in response to the controversy, businesses have ended their associations with the social media network, in particularly Playboy magazine. "Unless you think S-N-L stands for Stephen's Nightly Laughs".

While discussing the popular "Roseanne" revival, which returned this week after a 20-year hiatus, Colbert stopped to admire the sitcom's stellar reviews - just hours after Trump announced that he called Roseanne Barr, who plays unabashed Trump supporter Roseanne Conner in the show, to congratulate her on the success. The current headline on CNN's website reads: "Iconic "SNL" star spoofs Trump staffing pick".

Stephen Colbert finally found something to agree with President Trump about.

A pre-World War II law apparently allows sheriffs to pocket any money they don't use on feeding inmates - in other words, "any money you don't use to do your government job, you get to keep for yourself", Noah said.

"Still, it's nice to be recognized, so thank you, MSNBC", he deadpanned.