Viral photo of Emma Gonzalez tearing up Constitution is fake, magazine says


In this way, Gonzalez described "the horrific day that a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School", the Huffington Post recalls.

During Noir's diatribe titled "A March for Their Lies", he challenged the students to take the millions of dollars they raised for the "carnival of a march" and put it towards armed guards instead.

We are so sick of seeing people bullying child survivors of a school mass shooting.

"Since the time that I came out here", she said, "it has been 6 minutes and 20 seconds".

The host was referring to the school resource officer in the Maryland school shooting who was credited for stopping a shooter earlier this week. If you don't want to debate the issues with her, fine.

And then, after almost four minutes had passed, a timer went off.

Coddens, 68, who wore a traditional Marine kilt and beret, said he has been inspired by Emma González, one of the Parkland survivors who has emerged as a national advocate for gun control.

More than a dozen Canadian cities hosted marches Saturday to call for stricter gun control laws in both Canada and the United States in the wake of a deadly high school shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland, Fla.

"Everyone who has been touched by the cold grip of gun violence understands", Gonzalez told the hushed crowd, describing the long hours spent waiting for authorities to identify their slain classmates, the horror of discovering many of them had breathed their last breaths before many students even knew a "code red" alert created to warn staffers and students of a potential threat had been called.

González stood at the podium and stared resolutely at the crowd, which broke into a "Never again!" chant. MTV used the opportunity to celebrate 17 young people leading the fight against gun violence across the country and is now creating a documentary special about the crusade.

His speech ended with him accusing the students of wanting to 'burn the Constitution and rewrite the parts that you all like in crayon'.

"I feel like what they need to focus on is keeping the students safe, and they shouldn't focus on attacking each other". In speaking out against gun violence, the shooting victims have endured online abuse and have become the subject of conspiracy theories.

Wendy Tarpley-Naylor shared a photo of her 6-year-old daughter Ella at a March for Our Lives event.