Google Play Movies & TV gets streaming service integration and watchlist


By waiting for six hours after first use, the malware hidden within the QR code readers was clever enough to circumvent Google's controls at the time but, now it has shown its hand, this means of worming bad apps onto the Play store is likely to be closed off, for now at least. However, instead of just giving you the option to buy or rent it with Google Play, you'll now have options for watching it on other streaming services that have it.

Google is also updating Play Movies & TV with improved discovery tools, helping to narrow down your search by genre, a new watchlist tab for tracking what you want to check out later, and a recommendation system which will fine tune recommendations based on your thumbs ups and downs. The watchlist is a feature the app recently gained as well, but now it has a much more prominent position.

Google Play, the search giant's online store, will start showing streaming-service options for TV and movie titles, providing more alternatives to buying outright, the company said in a blog post Tuesday. That's fewer than Apple's TV app supports, which is now over 60.

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"By adding an innocent-looking "graphics" subcomponent to a collection of programming routines that you'd expect to find in a regular Android program, the adware engine inside the app is effectively hiding in plain sight", he added.

"We deeplink right into playback for that [third-party streaming] app", explains Ben Serridge, the product manager for the Movies & TV app at Google. A prominent "Watch on HBO Go" button will take users to the app.

This works for numerous popular go-tos like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go / Now, Showtime, and a slew of cable-authenticated apps like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, HGTV, Comedy Central, and others.

Notably missing is Netflix, whose content is searchable in Apple's TV app.

Even without Netflix, the feature is useful if not comprehensive.

In addition to seeing this info in the Play Movies & TV app, Google's also bringing it to the Play Store itself, but we haven't quite seen it go live with the latter just yet. For shows with a big backlog of episodes, you can click through past seasons and see what's available where.