United gives $10K travel voucher to 'bumped' passenger


Getting bumped from an overbooked flight can cause major travel headaches, but for one passenger flying with United Airlines, it meant earning a $10,000 travel voucher.

Allison Preiss, a D.C. area managing director of communications, tweeted about the lucrative deboarding experience on Thursday from the Dulles International Airport in Virginia. "They are kicking me off this flight", she posted.

Preiss was bumped because no one volunteered to give up their seat and she paid the lowest fare for the full flight, USA Today reported.

The $10,000 limit was implemented in April 2017, when United Airlines took a dip in stock after a bloodied passenger was violently dragged off a plane in viral video.

The airline first offered her a $2,000 flight voucher - but she turned it down and asked for cash. "TEN THOUSAND", she wrote, sharing photo evidence of the massive buyout.

Passengers queue for flights at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport in January. Then an agent offered a $10,000 voucher.

"United tried to get me to sign a document that says I volunteered my seat on this plane when I was involuntarily denied boarding".

A spokesman for United Airlines confirmed Friday that a passenger got the big voucher "per our company policy". "In that case, a good negotiation strategy is to start off by insisting on cash compensation, because the airline would rather offer you a larger amount in travel vouchers than in cash".

"I also got two $10 meal vouchers. I am going to go INSANE at Pizza Hut".