Stormy Daniels was threatened with physical harm, lawyer claims


Ms. Clifford's initial deal has struck legal experts for its onerous terms, including its provision that she would be responsible for "liquidated damages" of $1 million for each breach of the agreement.

Adult-film actress Stephanie Clifford claims she had a year-long affair with President Trump in 2006.

BREAKING: Attorney Charles Harder is representing Donald Trump in the Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels lawsuit, which EC, LLC, is attempting to remove to federal court. A separate filing says Trump would join a request to have the case heard by an arbitrator. A court hearing is set for July 12 in Los Angeles. Stormy Daniels probably loves America and democracy as much as anyone, but if telling voters salient information about Donald Trump's character were really her goal, it stands to reason that she would not have accepted $130,000 in exchange for a promise not to do just that.

Using the pseudonyms Peggy Peterson and David Dennison, Daniels and Trump were to sign the agreement, along with Essential Consultants.

Last week, Clifford filed a lawsuit against Trump, claiming that the agreement signed in 2016 is "null and void" because the president did not sign the agreement himself. Likely unprecedented in our history. He added, "We are not going away and we will not be intimidated by these threats". "Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen did not even bother to respond", she wrote on the crowdfunding page.

Daniels has appeared on some outlets such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she teasingly hinted at the affair, but because of the NDA wasn't able to fully answer questions. That time period would have been shortly after Trump and new wife Melania's son was born.

- Physical threat to Daniels?

We learned yesterday that Avenatti had teased new lawsuits from different women who had stories similar to Daniels, but today in an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Avenatti revealed that she was physically threatened to remain silent about the affair.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said: "Obviously we take the safety and security of any person seriously, certainly would condemn anyone threatening any individual, but I have no knowledge of that situation and would refer you to the president's outside personal attorneys".

The White House has sought to distance Trump from the Clifford dispute, while Avenatti has been highlighting ties between the president and the matter.

Trump has denied they had an affair.