Shadow of the Tomb Raider Tease Seems to Reveal September Release Date


As tedious as Tomb Raider grows, the origin story begins with promise: Super-smart, clever and impressively jacked, 21-year-old Lara doesn't have any clear life goals, because she has been holding out hope for the return of her adventurer father (Dominic West).

"Having Lara Croft leap around and avoid traps should be an easy formula-but for this crew, it remains an unsolvable puzzle", Hoffman wrote.

In Vanity Fair, critic Jordan Hoffman complained about the slowness of the action in the new film, pointing out that it takes 76 minutes for Croft to complete her titular mission in the 116-minute film: raid tombs. It's from the producers of The Fault in Our Stars (2014), which was a huge hit both commercially and critically. Fans of the Tomb Raider franchise quickly rushed in to reply to Amazing Atheist's comments about Alicia Vikander's body. Derek Jacobi - still remembered for I, Claudius back in the 1970s - has an even smaller role as a lawyer.

In minor roles, Kristin Scott Thomas turns up as Ana Miller, who has taken care of Lara as well as Richard Croft's business interests since Richard vanished. She is scrappy and barely getting by on her bike courier service paycheque. When she falls, she gets hurt, but she picks herself up. There are a lot of practical effects throughout the movie, but most of the big sequences are muffled by too many cuts and too much camera motion to completely understand what's going on. You see that she's a physical person and she has some capabilities, although she's in no way ready for what she's about to face.

You cast Alicia Vikander and you let her train for a month. Through each ordeal, she gets stronger. She is also shown to be clever and resourceful, as well as self-reliant. Here, though, she mostly just runs. "I've done a lot of art house films", she said. As anyone who's seen her in films as diverse as The Danish Girl and Ex Machina will tell you, the Swede punches well above her weight, and here she does that in a more literal sense as her limbs do most of the work. I think all that felt like it was a really great basis for a modern, contemporary video game movie, or a Lara Croft movie. Seeing Alicia Vikander taking in so much punishment, in the beginning of her island tour, is brilliant to behold and the stunt work from Vikander is breathtaking in the parts that aren't completely encapsulated in CGI. He might be the biggest Christopher Nolan fan you know. So that was our mantra. Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins) has something to do with a group bent on some plot to dominate the world, but he just wants to find the legendary tomb so he can get off the island.

Tomb Raider is out this week just about everywhere, with United Kingdom audiences getting it on Thursday 14 March, and the U.S. getting it one day later on 15 March.