Amazon attracts 5 mln new customers with Prime Originals


Reuters managed to get hold leaked documents that show how many people signed up to Prime to watch specific TV shows, with figures for the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan - the countries where Prime Video was available before the global rollout in 2016. For example, Reuters reports that The Man in the High Castlehad 8 million United States viewers in early 2017, while bringing in "1.15 million new subscribers worldwide based on Amazon's accounting".

Quoting sources, the report stated that investment in Amazon Prime has grown to $5 billion per year.

Among the service's most popular programming was "The Man In The High Castle", which had eight million viewers for season one.

It attracted 1.15 million new subscribers worldwide, according to Amazon's numbers, and drew new Prime members at an average of $63 per subscriber.

Memberships that only offer access to Amazon Prime Video will remain at $8.99 per month. Its third season was drawing just 1.3 million viewers.

The report gave as an example the drama series "The Man in the High Castle".

Deep dive: "Good Girls Revolt". The series' cost per new customer was about $1560, according to the documents. Significantly, the documents shed light on the financial strategy of Prime Originals - specifically, how Amazon's entertainment venture contributes to the growth of its Prime subscriber base, and overall subscription business profitability. "First stream" refers to the show a new Prime member first watches after signing up for Prime.

The internal documents also compare metrics for 19 shows exclusive to Amazon: their cost, viewership and the number of people they helped bring to Prime. At $1,560 per new customer, the decision to cancel any further production after the first season was swift.

Amazon doesn't make the viewership numbers for its Prime Video content public so it's hard to ascertain the popularity of the content market-wise. The company doesn't reveal how many Prime subscribers it has, but Wall Street estimates range from 70 million to 90 million. This stat is especially important for the retail giant, according to Reuters, because it mostly sees video content as a vehicle to convert viewers into Prime shoppers. In November, Amazon won the rights to the Lord of the Rings universe for an estimated $200 to $250 million.