Quicker Raspberry Pi 3 Arrives With Model B+ Launch


However, the product started to fall behind as more refined models came to the market. It must be noted that the Raspberry Pi 3B+ consumes "substantially more power than its predecessor", and thus a high-quality 2.5A power supply is recommended.

The new Raspberry Pi, which launches two years after the original Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, features the same quad-core Broadcom BCM2837 CPU as it's predecessor.

The new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ comes with improvements in speed across the board, as the company promises to deliver "more processing and faster communications".

The new chipset also features improved wireless performance, with a doubling of data rates in the 5GHz band. Also, it would lower the wireless LAN compliance testing, notes ZDNet.

Previous Raspberry Pi devices have used the LAN951x family of chips, which combine a USB hub and 10/100 Ethernet controller. The tiny computer is supposed to be faster and better in every way, including upgraded processor speed, wireless internet, and Ethernet connections. The chip runs at 1.4GHz, which throttles down to 1.2GHz only once temperatures exceed 70 degrees Celsius. Like a modern smartphone, we treat the thermal mass of the device as a resource, to be spent carefully with the goal of optimizing user experience. It's a good thing though as it will work well with the existing Pi cases and accessories.

Selling for just $35, the UK-made machine has become something of a phenomenon, selling close to 18 million boards since the first Pi was released in 2012.

Gigabit Ethernet makes in appearance on the board, resulting in another leap in network performance from the 100Mbit/s on the older model. According to the manufacturer, it can sustain high performance for longer periods. Further, the executive confirmed that there would be no change in the pricing of the earlier models. Today, many enthusiasts put a heat sink on their Raspberry Pis. The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be submitting the application to ICASA and approval is expected around May/June.