Voters deciding whether to keep US House seat in GOP hands


The commander in chief carried the district by almost 20 percentage points in the 2016 election. If he does, it will sound new alarm bells for Republicans trying to defend their 24-seat House majority.

Lamb's campaign committee has outraised Saccone's by 4-to-1, but total candidate spending of nearly $5 million has been surpassed by money from outside groups.

Republican candidate Rick Saccone, 60, has been a conservative PA state representative.

Republican congressional leadership has chided Saccone for his poor fundraising efforts, and dumped millions of dollars into the race that many thought was safe going into 2018. Trump picked up on a similar theme, commenting on Lamb's looks at a Saturday rally with Saccone. "I think he'll do a great job in Congress, and we need a good man in Congress bad". David Avella, a GOP strategist, said that this election has nothing to do with Trump-but that Trump should take credit if Saccone pulls it out. Saccone is a former counter-intelligence officer in the Air Force, has a doctorate and was a professor at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, teaching political science and other courses, and still teaches there part-time.

Saccone, meanwhile, portrayed himself as an underdog, as national Republicans quietly blamed him for the closeness of the race. "The Trump voters have to get out and vote".

By Tuesday morning, Republicans were openly fretting that Lamb might win the race, and rattle the president's party ahead of this year's midterms. So now it's off to southwestern Pennsylvania Tuesday in the ongoing search of that elusive electoral omen. And so now more than ever, these candidates matter, these campaigns matter.

But it's not at all clear that such campaigning persuades Trump voters to vote for someone other than Trump.

After all of the criticism of pollsters in 2016, the different scenarios give a peek at the art behind the science of polling - and may be something we see more frequently in political polls. The AFL-CIO counts 87,000 votes from union households - around a fifth of the electorate. That number includes about 17,000 steelworkers. He resigned last fall.

It's not hard to imagine that Saccone heard a lot of Democrats saying they "hate" the president. The 33-year-old Lamb, from Mt. Lebanon, is running as a conservative Democrat - his first campaign ad featured him shooting an AR-15 assault rifle - and has gained support from historically powerful labor unions.

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The race will be the first major test of how the new tax law is playing with voters. Its southern section has rural towns of legacy coal workers who had been trending away from Democrats in recent cycles and did so by larger numbers in 2016. But he adds layers to the argument, criticizing the $1.5 trillion price tag. It will be a moderate beating a more extreme candidate.

If Democrat Conor Lamb wins, his party will claim their candidates can run and win anywhere in the country - even ruby red districts won by Donald Trump with double digits - which will boost their odds in regaining the House.

Republicans' planned line of attack in 2018 is to cast Democrats as out of touch and link their nominees to Pelosi, the Californian who has been a GOP target for more than a decade. "Conor Lamb is exciting, he does break the mold a little bit".

A Lamb win tonight would signal that the GOP is in danger even in districts considered safe for Republicans, raising Democratic hopes of capturing the House and maybe the Senate in November. He says he wouldn't vote for Pelosi for party leader. "To fix Washington, send in the Marine", the ad says. Lamb has tried to flip the script by linking Saccone to "the Paul Ryan budget" and cuts to Medicare. Lamb supports gun-owners rights and opposed a proposal to raise the minimum purchase age for a rifle to 21, but backs expanding background checks.