Taylor Swift totally lets loose, and nobody's looking, in new 'Delicate' video


The track is the latest to be released from her sixth studio album "Reputation".

And that is the inspiration behind her new music video for "Delicate", which premiered globally at Sunday's iHeartRadio Awards.

Swift has always followed that old dictum to "write what you know".

The video opens with a vacant-looking Swift on the red carpet, dressed in a flapper-inspired sapphire gown and mobbed by reporters and photographers. She makes her way out of the hotel, into a crowded subway station, and eventually outside in the pouring rain.

Then, she looks into the mirror and her reflection is absent - whereupon the camera emphasizes the sparkling paper she has now set down.

Instead, she announced she was debuting her new music video on the show as a thank you to her fans. Watch above as Swift becomes invisible and uses the opportunity to literally dance like nobody is watching. What happens when the rich and famous stop paying attention to Taylor, as if she's invisible? See Swift's miserable expression in the video on the red carpet, and the fact that when she stops to take a selfie with fans, she's bombarded by a insane person. But in the end, it's evident she finally finds herself. Eventually, the magic wares off, but Taylor is happy to see that she is recognised once more, knowing she's lucky to be in the position she is in. In the song Taylor sings, "Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?"

But there's another aspect of the video that fans think might be connected to Joe. But the video represents her relationship with us, her audience. "/ Phone lights up my nightstand in the black / Come here, you can meet me in the back", Swift croons as the rain begins to fall, and she takes over the night.