Carragher suspended by Sky Sports after spitting 'moment of madness'


"I hate that she was involved more than anything".

SH: Why did you do it? It's hard for me to explain. Watching those clips back it feels like nearly an out of body thing.

"It was nearly an out-of-body thing but you can't ever behave like that, it's unacceptable", he told Sky News on Monday.

Speaking to Sky News, the ex-Liverpool defender described his disgusting actions as "a moment of madness".

'Surely he's got to see the fact there's a young girl in the vehicle - he's got kids himself. You should have been used to banter far worse than this and you just ignore it and carry on.

"You're actually thinking to yourself, 'Why did you react like that?' That's part of being a public figure".

But Shreeves was having none of it and said: "No I haven't". I spoke to him and he was flat.

'Spitting at 14-year-olds through a window?

"There are times in life where we mess up and we do things we regret big time". The young girl was sat back and reclined in the chair and she was in the line of fire.

SH: If it was your daughter...

"I thought it was a bit unusual Diouf calling after all the times he has been caught spitting at people, but when I spoke to him he was absolutely raging at what Carragher had done", said Satchell.

Murphy said: "There is no way I can come on here, no matter how much I respect him, and say what he has done is not wrong".

SH: What happens now?

"If I was watching someone do that, I'd be commenting or tweeting about it myself", he said.

"All I can do now is apologise". I apologise for it and am getting vilified - and rightly so.

He would not be drawn on whether he thought he deserved to lose his Sky Sports job. I drove away at first and it just continued.

"Hopefully I can show people over these next days and weeks the real me and hopefully a moment of madness will not cloud their judgement".

But they pulled the 40-year-old from their line-up and it is believed Sky Sports bosses have decided he will not appear on MNF with fellow pundit Gary Neville following crunch talks.

SH: Have you offered your resignation?

In an interview on Sky Sports News, Carragher admitted he has "brought shame on the name of football".