Google Maps Mario Kart: How to Get Nintendo Navigation


Interestingly, Google encourages safe driving practices and not throw "bananas/red shells at other drivers in real life".

Starting Saturday, Mario Time is an available feature when using Google Maps' navigation function on the latest iOS and Android app version.

To celebrate its iconic mascot Mario "and his many awesome fans" around the world, Nintendo has announced that it has teamed up with Google to bring its beloved character to Google Maps. You can also pick up some stylish new duds inspired by Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach.

Mario isn't the first video game character to become a marker in the app. We need to stress that, as Google told us there's no sharing of actual paths here.

If you've updated your app and the yellow question mark still doesn't come up then Google says to wait a couple of hours. Let us know in the comments section below. "Click the "?" and it will ask if you want to navigate as Mario. Celebrate in anyway you wish by playing your favorite Mario games, watching the Mario Bros. movie or throwing a themed Mario Party! Over the years, the Super Mario game itself has evolved from 32-bit cassette games to high-end Nintendo consoles, PCs and mobile phones. Mario along with his good old Kart will hold a position in Google Maps' arrow, which is used to show the location where the user is heading.

In the meantime, Google Maps and Mario will be here all week in celebration of Mario Kart, with the plumber fist-pumping his way through traffic.