Putin: import substitution is temporary tool for Russian Federation


Former national security advisor Susan Rice issued a stand down order to national security council officials developing aggressive options to respond to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, a new excerpt from Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump reveals.

Speaking to state broadcaster Russia-1 for a documentary series called "The World Order", Putin praised the American leader's communication skills, saying "it's possible to negotiate with him, to search for compromises".

Putin added in Wednesday's remarks he was disappointed in the USA political system, which he said has "demonstrated its inefficiency and has been eating itself up".

Four American senators submitted a letter addressed to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday, urging him to hold talks with Russian Federation on strategic issues and extension of the New START Treaty following President Putin's statements.

But the United States born Brit said they "haven't figured out a way yet to kill me and get away with it".

He also blamed the United States for what he alleged was its role ousting Ukraine's Russia-friendly president in February 2014 amid massive street protests. "That is, there is an upswing", Putin said.

"Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves", he added.

Asked if he believed Vladimir Putin's regime would harm him, Mr Browder - a London-based hedge fund manager who has fought a long battle with Moscow - replied: "I do".

Putin, who presented a sweeping array of new Russian nuclear weapons last week, voiced hope that nuclear weapons will never be used - but warned that Russia will retaliate in kind if it comes under a nuclear attack.

"The decision on the use of the nuclear weapon can be taken only if our air defense systems record not only the launch of missiles but their trajectory and the time they hit Russia's territory".

"Yes, it will mean a global catastrophe for mankind, for the entire world".

"It just does not distract me from the tasks I consider paramount for our country, " he stated when asked to comment on him being labelled the world's "main villain" in the West.