Trump says USA determined on North Korea's denuclearisation


President Trump, in a joint news conference with the Swedish prime minister, acknowledged Russian "meddling" in the 2016 presidential election and said his administration is working to counteract any interference in elections in 2018 - even as he downplayed the effect of Russia's 2016 influence campaign.

"The Russians had no impact whatsoever on our votes", he said. Certainly there was meddling.

Trump insisted he wasn't anxious about meddling in the upcoming mid-term elections and said the United States is taking action to make sure of that.

He also said he's not concerned about Russian Federation interfering with the 2018 midterm elections because his administration will push back on any attempts to do so. "We're doing a very, very deep study, and we're coming out with some I think very strong suggestions on the '18 election", he added. "And one of the things we're learning it is always good - it's old-fashioned - but it's always good to have a paper backup system of voting". We're going to straighten it out, and we'll do it in a very loving way.

"The White House has tremendous energy. We really have no choice", Trump said in response to a question.

Putin praised Trump as a great communicator who is easy to talk to, a man with whom "you can search for a compromise".

So China doesn't send us two percent; they send us a much, much higher level than that, but it's called transshipping.

The accounts' activity did not stop at posting controversial memes and hashtags - many organized events, rallies, and protests, some of which galvanized dozens of people. "I don't think this is a threat to our national security".

Just a couple of hours later, news broke that Gary Cohn, one of Trump's top economic advisers, is leaving the administration, after apparently losing an internal struggle over steel and aluminum tariffs.

Pres. Trump on White House turmoil: "Everybody wants to work in the White House".

"You have to be very vigilant", Trump said.

"It has not changed the calculus or the behavior on behalf of the Russians", Rogers said about the United States response to Russia's cyber threat to date.

"That hit a nerve for him", another user tweeted, noting that Trump preceded his statement with the phrase "believe me", a surefire sign that he was telling "a big fat lie".

Löfven, in his brief remarks, said, "Swedish prosperity is based on corporation competitiveness and free trade, and I'm convinced that increased tariffs will hurt us all in the long run". "The European Union has been particularly tough on the United States". Warmbier later died after returning to the US.

Trump also expanded on his threat over the weekend to that the USA would "apply a Tax on their Cars" in the European Union in retaliation for the proposed countermeasures.

"(China) can do more but I think they've done more than they've ever done for our country before", he said.