Powerball, Mega Millions Jackpots Total Over $550 Million


Pick 3 winners receive $500 for a $1 straight bet and the odds of winning are 1-in-1,000. The holder of the ticket has since gone to court to preserve her anonymity.

There's a big Powerball victor who has not claimed their prize, and may miss out on some cash.

Mega Millions jackpots also start at $40 million and roll over until the jackpot is won. In this photo, an advertisement for the Mega Millions lottery is seen in San Francisco, California, June 23, 2005. No one across the country won the second prize of at least $1 million in the drawing. As a result, the prize money is steadily climbed toward the quarter of a billion dollar mark.

Friday's Mega Millions drawing offers one big pot of gold at the end of its jackpot rainbow.

A Powerball ticket worth $250,000 was sold at a city grocery store this week, and Pennsylvania Lottery officials are encouraging the victor to come forward. The odds of hitting the jackpot are 292,201,338 to 1.

Time and again, vendors said the weather was keeping lottery ticket sales down, but they expected an upsurge in last minute Powerball purchases on Saturday. The Pennsylvania Lottery has an office at 49 S. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre.

The average American citizen spends about $200 a year on the lottery, with varying averages depending on the state. Meanwhile, people living in DE or NY, are likely to spend about $400 a year, or $33 per month over lottery tickets. The odds of winning the jackpot with a $1 ticket are 1-in-13,983,816. The jackpot is $321 million. The available white balls to be drawn from were reduced from 75 to 70. A quadrillion has a number followed by 15 zeros.

The cash option for the 10:59 p.m. drawing was $189 million. On the other hand, the Powerball winning numbers will be announced on Saturday.

Sunday's Fantasy 5 jackpot is an estimated $105,000.