'Black Panther' Is The 10th Highest Grossing US Film Of All, Time


The superhero blockbuster now has the "third-highest third weekend" record of all time after "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" at ($90.2 million) and "Avatar" ($68.5 million).

There's no stopping Marvel's Black Panther as it continues its astonishing run with a $65.7 million domestic gross in its third weekend.

It also became the third fastest film to reach $500 million domestically. A billion is clearly a lock, with the potential for a lot more. He said having an inclusive cast for the movie also brings in new customers.

Marvel Cinematic Universe's most recent release Black Panther is at the top of the box office in its third week.

Death Wish, a remake of the Y 1974 revenge thriller, opened to an estimated $13-M from 2,847 locations, and took 3rd place. "Dunkirk", a summer release, had $188.4 million. It should soon shoot past the billion-dollar mark worldwide. This brings the total worldwide box office to $396.6 million. It's a dropoff from last week's $108 million for its second weekend, but downturns are always expected. Next week, another Disney movie, "A Wrinkle in Time", is predicted to take over the throne from "Black Panther".

"Peter Rabbit" slipped from No. 3 to No. 5 with an estimated $10 million, down just 21.6% from last week. As mentioned before as well, there is no worldwide theatrical distribution here, as it's going to Netflix in the rest of the world.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle spends its 11th weekend in the top ten and I'm exhausted of writing about it.

Fifty Shades Freed drops another 54% to $3.3 million and $95.5 million after four weekends. "Lady Bird" (A24) followed with $48.3 million. While we can nitpick the origin designation, suffice it to say it is the highest grossing solo debut film for a superhero to date. It's got $164.6 million after 11 weekends and has one of the highest, if not the top, opening weekend to final multipliers of all time. Though it was panned by critics with a 15 percent RT score, "Death Wish" earned a B+ on CinemaScore and should bring in a strong return, as the cult following for both Roth and the original "Death Wish" have given this film a built-in audience.